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You might want to try a post-op TS first
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A post-op TS doesn't have a penis anymore, so you might want to start with one as oppose to a "pre-op" one.

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I've recently become very attracted to many of the TS i've seen listed on various sights. I've never had an experience with one and am 100% straight. I'm not sure why I am feeling like this. I think I should take the plung and give it a shot but am worried about how I will react to her equipment.

Any idea why I am feeling like this? Should I give it a shot with a TS and see how it goes? What are some of the types of things a TS rookie could do with her? Any advise in proceeding?

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Dear tpcash,

We have had many threads on this topic - here's a recent one.


The Love Goddess

...I don't know if that makes a difference; that LG's bailiwick.

i wont lie, i took a peak to see what these TS reviews looked like, this one came up with really high reviews. if i didn't know he was  a ts, i would not know better.

what do you want to do in a TS session?   Do you want to Top, or be topped?  Do you want GFE with DFK?  Read the reviews and pick a provider that is familiar with what you want.   Don't let the labeling (gay, bi, straight) get in your way of having a good experience.  If you really want to be topped,  pick a TS top, prepare and have at it.  You can still call yourself "100% straight".   I have reconciled that I am bisexual and that is how i categorize my preference.   You are really not outing yourself if you admit to a thing for TS girls, as your TER ID is anonymous anyway, right?

You might experience a little attitude from some after you start playing the TS field, but most of us really don't care how anyone on these boards identifies their sexual preference.    Some of the best TS providers welcome TS newbies, read their websites and check them out.   It is a little harder to find well reviewed TS providers as compared to GG providers, cause a lot of hobbyists do not submit reviews on TS girls.  However, the #4 in the TER top 100 is a TS provider in chicago, and she does see newbie's.  

good luck, and please write a review and tell us about your experience.

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A post-op TS doesn't have a penis anymore, so you might want to start with one as oppose to a "pre-op" one.

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