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It is like the music in a good spa, only quieter.

Posted By: Foodyguy
It is like the music in a good spa, only quieter.

I still have hopes that someday I will see a message that a "golden age" spa is in business in Washington DC. Man, I never truly appreciated how wonderful the spa life was back in the nineties. A dozen spas had beautiful women with great personalities delivering a full menu of services in nice facilities, and doing it with real enthusiasm. Ahhhh, life was great. You got to know particular ladies, and the services got even better.

Well, I fear that those days are gone for good. I still miss them so much that I still open this board every few weeks hoping that lightning has struck.

Are there any cities left in the US that still have spas like that?

Providence RI still seems to have some, but with their new anti-prostitution law just passed, I am leary of going back there.

Connecticut once had a thriving AMP scene, now gone.

San Francisco and Berekley California were Meccas for AMPs once, now gone.

The INS has made it too tough for Asian gals to practice thier wonderful craft.

GaGambler7915 reads

I am sorry to hear that SF and Bezerkly are no longer among them. I have some rather fond memories of the asian girls of the Bay Area going back some thirty something years ago.

and not to nitpick, but INS no longer exists. It has been replaced by the much more onerous ICE.

jme336902 reads

Yes there are ... Many in Denver, Southern California, Dallas, Houston, New York, and Rhode Island are the ones I know for sure that still have them.

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