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I have had providers who have inserted strawberries in their vagina and had me . . .
keystonekid 113 Reviews 2039 reads

remove the strawberries with my lips, tongue, and teeth.  Very sweet!

another_meeting3636 reads

Anybody have any good ideas regarding bringing some food into the bedroom? I'd like to mess around with some chocolate, whip cream, fruit, or anything else that may be fun. I have a few concerns though. First, I need to make sure I can get a good shower before heading home. My hairy body is not going to be a pretty sight. Next, I hear there a health concerns on the female side. Apperently food and pussy don't mix too well. I'm not looking to insert vegetables etc...I just want to be licked and sucked, and do some licking and sucking. So, does anyone have any good suggestions?

TheLoveGoddess2341 reads

Food play is great, another_meeting,

Who says food and genitals don't mix? Depends on the food, of course. I wouldn't stick anything vinegary in there, that could sting. But yogurt? No problem - very good for vaginal flora (particularly the unsweetened, Greek kind). Banana - no-brainer! Chocolate sauce, yes. Puddings - perfect, not harmful and very tasty. Just make sure everything is room-temperature; too hot or too cold doesn't feel too good.

As for YOU being covered - watch the honey, that's actually used for hair removal in some cultures. But dipping your penis in something creamy - anything goes, depending on her culinary predilections, of course. And of course, have access to a good shower - come to think of it, you could eat first and wash up later - together!

This really sounds like FUN,
The Love Goddess

But not in the bedroom, that will just make a huge mess.  (Chocolate never comes out.)

The shower is the place to play.  When you've had enough, just turn on the shower and wash yourselves and the tub clean.

Chocolate pudding (or any flavor pudding) is great.  Use the non-dairy types that don't need refrigeration.  Chocolate and other flavored syrups are also great and of course, whipped cream is de riguer.

Canned frosting doesn't work so well, too thick and rich.

Melted ice cream can also be fun (Make sure there are no nuts, etc. in it though.)

For those who favor the savory, room temperature melted butter can be very interesing, even some kinds of salad dressing are woth trying out.

Go to the super market and let your imagination run wild.

Do be very careful of the tub getting slippery from all the food.  You might want to put down a couple of non-slip matts, or have your fun sitting down.

The second-most intimate thing we do with our bodies is eat.
So....My favorite thing is to delicatly place a ripe strawberry (maybe soaked in Peach Schnapps), in between her lips or teeth. Then I start on my end of the strawberry. We nibble slowly while our bodies mesh and rub the berry is eaten our lips slowly are coming into contact with each other. The nibbling transfers from the berry to nibbling on each other's lips.  When the berry is dissolved and gone the tongues find each other in deep kisses tasting like awesome strawberry. This is great stuff if you like long deep kisses and making out.....and always seems to turn on the woman I am with.

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