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Kudos man, took some balls to post it on hooker board
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But I would prefer to see it on general discussion.


   I suppose most of you who opened this thread thought I was referring to the value of sex and how much an hour of frenzied intercourse or heart stopping fellatio might be worth in a sexual market place still under the gray shadow of the vice cop. Much like it was in the time of prohibition, when liquor was always available, intercourse and fellatio is never more than a cock’s shake away. In reality the public’s thirst for booze and breasts is as closely related as Viagra and vagina and the public’s need is far from being satiated.

   Now, there is no question that when we talk about prostitution, are going to deal with a bevy of misconceptions and preconceptions and above all generalizations about the world’s oldest refreshment.  So don’t slam me if I have to fall back on opinion and life experiences that generate into truisms.  Very little statistical data is out there that is not questionable. Since Kinsey left the room for a foray into the bathhouses, we do not have any real quantitative data on who is doing what and why. Sure there are studies, but a real survey of the entire field is as hard to find as a hard on a on a seventy-five year old who has just shot his load.

  The sex market has been open since Eve started screwing around behind Adam’s rib. Of course if you want to read about that you will have to get that special edition of the Bible that they sell in paper bags behind the counters of used book stores. Have a five-dollar bill palmed and ask for Frankie. In fact the Bible has a lot to say about fucking, fucking around and getting paid to fuck. Was it Joseph’s brother who offered a lamb for a lay, back in the day? Fucking is a pretty important part of biblical content. After all, reproduction of its members is the aim of every religion and a member’s purpose. Without children to brainwash and put to work and prayer, all the great religions would only last for one generation.

  Sex is an integral part of religion, only very late in the game did pious church masters, with an aim to finish off every virgin in the congregation, decide to take up morality and decide that marriage fucking is ok and fucking out of wedlock is “verboten” (a German word for “nein”). So in western society, as opposed to massage parlors elsewhere, a veil of shame has been erected around women or men who provided a place to squirt a little “Brill Cream”, which is why they say, “a little dab will do ya in.” As a result, some medieval monastic masturbator decided it was ok to brand an H on the head of every prostitute, even if it that H is invisible today, the church and society is still attaching the shame.

  Strangely enough, the very men who are shouting from the pulpit about sinners and scarlet women are the same guys we find arrested with Mamie Van der Boink when the cops decide to raid Casey’s Motel on Highway 69. Men will be men, so the good book says, and if not every man, then a strong majority of those with a cock and at least one testicle, who are looking for sex in all the wrung places, even if they have to climb a ladder to find it; and these guys and gays are happy to pay for a suck and a fuck.  Paying for sex is not a problem, it is only a problem when a dude runs out of shekels. Or as Black Beard the pirate said, “a piece of eight for a piece of tail.”

  Life is unfair, get used to it ladies. Here in the U Ass of A, (don’t shoot me, I love this cunt-ry. Where else in the world can you buy a good steak and fries for under $25 and an acceptable/almost acceptable pussy for a c-note. You won’t find a good steak in Asia although the pussy tastes fine.) In most places, the purchase of sex is an illegal purchase, but until recently, the only one paying the law for the tango was the gal. Even today, when the “John” is also arrested, his penalty is usually a slap on the wrist and occasionally a kick in the balls. However, even a kick in the balls will not stop men from waving their wallet at Pauline Poulet’s two enormous headlights, moments after they’ve exited the court house having just paid their “John” fine.

  When the ladies say, “ fuck men,” they don’t always mean “let’s have intercourse.”  And they have a right and reasons to be mad. Men still are in first place, they run this society, they get all the big jobs, fuck all the right partners, and keep the kittens in their place; which means heavier fines and jail terms for gals who can gallop with a cowboy in seated in their saddle.

  Years back, when your son was 13 or 14, it was “di rigor” to take the sapling down to the local whorehouse and let him experience a swell/swollen time. Did anyone ever suggest taking your daughter down to Clancy’s Bar and Grill and letting every guy in the bar have a free sample of cherry pie? Hell no! Why, because men and women are not really equal under the eyes of the law, as illustrated by the practices of society (i.e. culture). If a man bones up before going home to wifey it is just fine, but if he get home and finds wifey with her legs wrapped around the gardener who is busy inserting his hose, then it is time to see if the old 12 gauge can still eschew justice and chances are some judge will let him off with two to five. So much for equality! The gal who blasts hubby after the um-teenth beating gets 20 to life.

  Who are our providers (a fancy name for escorts which is a fancy name for...) and what do they cost? They are a varied group of women and men of various ethnicities, cultures, educations and situations; their backgrounds are as varied as their fees. The majority are available for 100 to 200 scudas, they are not the girls of the Empress Club who pulled 5 grand an hour out of the hands of execs for whom 5 grand was a sum of no consequence and a hand pull was not what they were looking for. Most of us, even if we can afford it, would think the fuck stops at a “thou.”

  The fact is that the market establishes the price for most call girls (archaic term), because as a girl raises or lowers her price and her leopard print panties, she is merely moving up or down along a point that economist call a point diminishing returns. For example, we may have seen that the gals on the 150-dollar level were so busy that there was often a line of guys panting outside their door; while the gals wanting 300 were lucky to cash in once or twice a day. As a result of this experience, most providers would end up charging somewhere between 150 to 300 for a fifty-minute hour (called a psychiatrist’s hour or a shrink’s hour that that is based on who cums and then shrinks.) This is the way that smart pros determine their final price, i.e. market research. The price that gives them the best deal is when the number of paying clients produces more money, then having more clients for less money. This is the price point; it is where it profits the escort to not exceed what she might earn if she serviced a greater number of clients at a lesser charge per service. The ideal price point lies somewhere in the middle of her economic possibilities and coincides with our famous point of diminishing returns. One other aspect of pricing is the fact that actual service rates of escorts seems to stay constant through the years as the value of the dollar declines, and their fee becomes less in terms of buying power. This phenomena allows the provider to age and perhaps become less desirable to new clients, as she may well be collecting the same tariff at the end of her career that she collected when she was in her prime.

   First off, a provider must be physically capable of frequent sexual activities and vaginal and/or anal penetrations. Females who are prone to yeast infections or plagued with various STD’s, are going to have difficult time performing as a girlfriend when suffering with those side effects.  However, probably 85 percent of women and men are healthy enough to put up with calluses on their private parts. (Every one should enjoy freedom of choice, and purchase a callus remover.) Although most escorts provide oral skills for their clients, those who specialize will need to develop neck and shoulder muscles to deal with the slow cum-ers or keep a gallon can of Ben Gay, known in certain quarters as  Bend-over-Gay, bedside. The most important requirement for an escort is the mental ability or agility to give a good licking and keep on ticking. One fuck a night is fun, two ok, three tiresome and the next eight or nine are just annoying unless you run into Sammy Stalker or his son (Son of Sam, what a dog!) who will relieve your future work burden. Multiply a clientele of five to ten per night by twenty or more times a month and include yourself who arrives with a bunch of flowers and a smile thinking you are the only lolli-poppa on the block as you unzip Mr., Happy and she gets down (on her sore knees with her sore neck) to some more oral business. A little perspective on an escort’s problems never hurts.

  So lets spin the dime on its edge; the cost to a man who fucks an escort, outside of her fee, is zilch, unless wifey finds out and then you have to throw in the cost of a divorce, (but wifey probably wasn’t as good a fuck, so sometimes a man just has to go with his in-stink, I mean instinct) Nobody really gives a shit about anyone but themselves. But the cost to an escort who offers a slice of vagina or an anal workshop on your lunch hour can be quite costly for her, although hemorrhoids can always be pushed aside or treated with Prep H (what do you think the H stands for?).

Lets talk about the cost to a provider, what does it cost her to fuck all these strangers?
Well for simplicity lets divide the escorts i.e. girls who offer play for pay, and into several classes:

1. There are the oppressed sex slaves, that we hear about daily on TV and read about in print, but rarely see.  We want to avoid these persons at all costs and yet we want them to find freedom from their oppressors, although we do not want to be shot trying to rescue them (as in Taxi Driver).

2. Then there are the poor downtrodden who have neither the education nor training to qualify for an hourly wage commensurate with hooking. They end up in the sex trade because it is the only way they can earn money above their work qualification. Often they come from abused homes and have suffered abuse at the hands and members of the family or from many foster parents. They arrive at maturity with a jaundiced view of the world and are ripe for drugs that permit them to exit mentally the worldly reality that they have difficulty dealing with. Frequently pimps recruit these women into the sex trade and it is with difficulty that the pro is able to separate from these life-threatening thugs.

3.The category that we are most familiar with are the girls who come from normal homes but have a propensity for sexual activity and one day decide to stop giving it away for free and begin selling it. Ironically, in the USA we always applaud the entrepreneurial spirit as a sign of a fundamental freedom while at the same time branding prostitution as illegal. Often these girls are single mothers with at least a high school education and sometimes more. Within this group of middle range escorts there are a small cadre of super escorts who earn high figures 1000 to 5000 a tryst and often are working with an agency who takes a sizable cut of the proceed. The super gals do not always have multiple sex partners in a day although two or three instances may occur if the timing is ripe.

  Now, when I refer to the cost of prostituting oneself, I am not talking about the cost of rent, furbishing, hairdressers, nail salons nor the cell phone rate; I am talking about the psychological cost of offering sexual service. Now we all know about Cathy Coxs, the most talked about girl in high school. We thrilled to hear how she just loved sucking cock. It was such a joy for her to swallow our jism, and how we complained if she spit it out. And even if she did not swallow, she made up for it in the back seat of dad’s Buick where we wore her panties on our heads. In her heart of hearts, did she really enjoy it? Of course there is nothing wrong with sucking a stiff cock. More likely, it was the illusion of our caring for her, of her winning our favor that led to her willingness to gratify our penile needs. Was she reaching out to us in an intimate moment only to see our feigned affection collapsed as quickly as our erections? For most of us these early brief sexual encounters set a pattern that was not beneficial for the girls who were looking for love and affection and instead got a mouthful of semen.

Let’s sum it up. What does it cost those who are engaged in the gears of this monstrous sex machine? The sex slaves hate their forced servitude and even if they ever break free, freeing their minds from their past abuse is difficult. Many sex slaves are scared for life while others slowly adapt to normality. The uneducated and often pimp/drug driven crowd hardly know who or where you are when they blow you behind a dumpster or in the passenger seat of your car, where your wife usually sits criticizes your driving (although not at that moment.) To these girls a cock is just a ticket for a lump of black tar and your porking keeps them from getting tarred if they fail to bring home the bacon.

  The middle range providers and super escorts, many of who are independent or agency driven, have within their ranks chronic drug users but also women who fancy themselves business people. Some frequent shrink’s offices to deal with mental problems, while others are strong enough to manage without professional help. They primp and purr in high end beauty salons, spend money on clothes and nice digs, fancy electronic communication setup, computer spread sheets to keep track of you and your visits, tips and proclivities, nips and tucks when ever a sag or tit implant blows out like a flat tire, and enough Botox to kill half the population of Pittsburg (these escorts are 28 years old for eternity).

   Even if these escorts can keep their minds healthy, every so often the terrible things occur, such as curable disease STDs and the incurable (though finally treatable) HIV, often brought to the coke party by an unsuspecting older CEO who picked it up on a drunken night in Rio, that he can’t even remember how he got it, except for a recollection of how sore his ass was the next day, or from a shared needle he thought was fresh, and the fever of infection was thought to be a flu or skin rash. Of course some infections occur without the telltale signs and in that case it is sometimes a long time before the infected warrior realizes he is now infecting others, including his loved ones. Gentleman, how do you compensate the girls/guys for that catastrophe? Justice, there is none in this life, and if justice does exist he does not ride bareback, no matter how good it may feel.

  And then there is the fall out from escorting: the husbands who can’t take it (although some can), the kids who discover what mommie is doing while they are in school and hold it against her forever, the family and relatives who ostracize the escort on moral grounds. Who compensates them for that strife? All you guys stick it in, drop a few c-notes on the bed table and take off, leaving a few semen stains on the bed sheets. You don’t really pay for the damage you are causing by your complicity. We just smile; wash off our cocks and out into the fresh air; after all we are men and this is what we do, all of us. Believe me, someone is paying for our pleasure and it is not just us. But this behavior has been going on since Adam started screwing his sister-in-laws maid and this fucking business is not about to end for a long time, at least not while my cock is spurting fire!

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Amazing post.
Not sure what to say, for the first time in my life I am speechless.

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A thoughtful piece and I draw one moral from this: love, affection and sex are not really separable. While women are smart enough to admit it, some men can be in denial. And you cannot price affection and love, I mean sex. You need to win her affection, as you would when dating a girl, treating the payment merely a gift you would bestow on her. And consider it your reward if she is happy to see you again and again....The real voyage of discovery consists not necessarily in seeking new providers all the time but seeing existing ones with new eyes each time. In my experience the latter is as enjoyable and exciting as the resulting bonding/friendship is mutually beneficial.

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But I would prefer to see it on general discussion.

This is quite a tome you've written LB, maybe TEH should be your baliwick.

In any case, I think you might be overstating the harm the hobby does to women and not considering the freedom the hobby offers to earn a living doing what they do best and making others happy.

Also, consider the mental harm that marriage, as practiced in America and most of the world today, that comes to women.  Surely that must balance the sides a bit.

In any case, this whole argument would be more convincing from a provider.

I remember living for some time in Easter Europe. I used to frequent the brothels there, as well as the hotel girls when I would stay there. I usually tried to have a conversation with the prostitutes, as much as it was possible considering language differences. If I saw them several times, I would learn more about their lives, of course. One thing that was nearly universal was their dislike of the "hobby" and how much they wanted to leave it. Some of them seemed to have become even disturbed at bit emotionally. They may have enjoyed sex sometimes, and even me as a person. Still, I'm a bit ashamed that I would see these women; but I was lonely, and they wanted money.

I think the vast majority of women in this trade, including the middle-range providers, don't really like what they are doing. They need the money, of course, and they may enjoy the sex and the men. But they seem to get out as fast as they can. There are some who truly love what they do, and they are probably over-represented on TER. It's a bit of a shame that we men are so horny, that we need a variety of women to satisfy our needs. BTW, it would be interesting to know what is the turnover of prostitutes on TER, and why some stay on in the profession for so long.

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