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16 and pregnant is the saddest thing I have ever seen.
no_email 3 Reviews 214 reads

America is turnning in to a nation of mental retardation.

can this shit get any more stupid?


mrnogood183 reads

the pregnant teen, or the black girls jumping her.. Humanity is VERY open to suggestion, in ways that are still trying to be understood..and when one begins to really look at the crap that comes on TV, like 16 and pregnant, jerry springer, and this list goes on, and on..

I believe that an honest soul, who is honestly looking deep within them and our society would HAVE TO associate the demise of the american family, and society on the fact that so much junk pollutes our minds and hearts through their tv "programming"

The reason it's hard to believe in America, is because the people have fallen so far..

mrnogood214 reads

of the shit that is IDOLIZED on TV coincides with the stupidity of society.. and that's the part most people miss..

Is Hollywood satin? It sure as hell looks that way.. Yet, the people are so conditioned, that someone who points this out, is the problem, and not the TV.

I'm not a religious man, so when I say satin, I am speaking more metaphorically..It does look like we're being destroyed by it..Thinking, no idolizing the stupid crap that comes on it..

We have an entire generation of kids that think it's cool to be hard gang bangers, and an entire generation of men who hate women, because of the shit that hollywood idolizes, and the sheep that follow this cult

As long as someone can get famous for being stupid, and someone else can make a buck off of that.
The nonsense will continue.


nuguy46138 reads

lanipop.....this is what the younger generation is striving for.....very very sad!


I like red Women and am attracted to her. I agree young ladies should strive for more than fame from shaking their asses on the internet. Many do, Ms. pop probably desires more than that too.

This is where we are.

Snowman39174 reads

Based upon the behavior I saw, they are already stupid, seem to have little or no income and to add to that...

They now have criminal records

So much for that job at Burger King they were aspiring to. But you know, I laugh about this somewhat and I tell you why. I am really tired of Obama and others telling me I need to feel sorry for people like this. They are at where they are because they have no morals and no sense of responsibility. BY all measures, the rest of their lifes are going to suck prepared to most Americans, HOWEVER...

Based on your actions and your own lack of responsibility, you DESERVE a life that sucks...

I don't cry when a criminal goes to jail, they are paying for their actions, well, the same is true with people like this.

P.S. If you try to make this a race thing, than you are ignorant, this is not about race, it is as MLK would put it, the content of ones character.

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