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New Asian spa in the East Village
WaterfrontSpa 1523 reads

we are new here and wanted to introduce ourselves.

Waterfront is now under new management and conveniently located in the East Village.
We hope to be an oasis in your neighborhood where you can take a short stroll when you have some time and need to de-stress and be sure that you will receive excellent treatment.

We have brand new staff and management and there are more arriving soon. But most importantly, we are hoping to take the chance element out of your relaxation decisions. Our staff is focused on a long term approach of customer satisfaction. If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to direct them to the management. We have a lot of improvements planned and hope that you will enjoy them!

CC's are accepted
we have table showers and jacuzzi

open 7 days from 10am to 1-2am
located near 1st ave and East Houston

Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself and feel no pressure to stay.

Hope to see you soon!

Waterfront Spa

Can you let us know about the rates? And any photos?

Yeah ... "Photo Gallery" just bounces back to Home page.  And "Location" is javascript page; many of us block scripts for privacy / safety reasons

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