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Re: Artemis Berlin Part 2
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Thanks for the post - it reminds me of my first FKK (Oase) quite a bit!

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I realise there are other entries relating to newbie info for visitors to Artemis but they appear to be a long time ago and we were all newbies once. Apologies for any repetition or stating of the bleeding obvious. Just felt I had to share.
          It all began when I was looking for an incall escort for my trip to Berlin. Despite many web searches there didn't seem to be much on offer. Starnge I thought where do guys go for sex in Berlin?Then a random web search threw up a result for Artemis nude sauna sex club in berlin. Curious I went to the website and had a look. Not being one for brothels in the UK due to the unsalubriousness of the establishments and ladies Artemis certainly looked different. Reading reviews and further info Artemis appeared to be a good idea. Naturally I had many questions in my head: Would the girls be attractive? Would I feel comfortable with other men being around (Previously my dalliances had all been solo affairs)? Woulkd they speak English/ would I find it? Despite these reservations I decided Artemis was worth a go!
So here I was in berlin. i was equipped with a good map (thankyou Google Maps) and also an aerial view of the location (very useful) The trains were simple with 5 lines going from my hotel area (Alexanderplatz) to Westkreuz station. The staion was fairly quiet but felt safe as is quite a majot interchange with staff/cleaners etc. I walked over the bridge and out of the station, alongside a busy road and then I saw it a large neon sign "Artemis" It was far easier to find than i had expected.
    The first thing that struck me was the size of the place. i was expecting a small concealed entrance in a block of buildings with a small reception akin to a UK lap dancing club. The recption was large, open, floor to ceiling windows - it looked more like a modern hotel/car showroom than a brotherl! The receptionist was polite and efficient in a german kind of way. She asked if it was my first time and €80 entry feewas duly paid (green wrist band received) and locker key wrist band also received. Brief expalnation of rules/pricing , given a nice bathrobe and in I went. The key on wrist band gets you into 2 lockers - 1 for your clothes, shoes, etc and another in reception for your money and mobile phone. You go back to this locker to get the cash to pay the girls afyer enjoying their services. It is also useful to be able to make calls or receive texts in between your bouts of pleasure.

            I stripped and put away my clothes and slipped on the bathrobe. There are plastic 'crocs' style slippers for guests use. Then it was time for a shower in the first communal shower since high-school. I thought there's is no point in being shy here so in I went. Now clean and re-robed I entered the club. All my fears were immediately put to rest. Wow, the place has to be seen to be believed. Imagine a high-class night club filled with gorgeous, sexy, naked women! All the girls are naked or next to naked with only belts, footwear, and some in small jackets which only cover their shoulders. Every one of them has their breasts and pussy on show. The quality of the girls was also very, very high. All were beautiful some were centerfold material. Black, Oriental, tall, short, long hair, short hair, some older, some younger. All types of girl - all sexy - all available. it really was like heaven! All girls carry a towel (to place on their seat) and a small clutch-purse for their cash, condoms, lube etc.)
       On this night there were a lot of girls to choose from - I was later told that it was quite a quiet night in terms of men visiting. First I had a look around to get my bearings and of course to do some window shopping for later. So much top quality to look at it was mind blowing! The first problem is selecting which girls you want to enjoy the comapny of. Spolit for choice.
       The club has 2 floors - the ground floor has a bar, food area, and changing rooms/reception/cash safe area. The lighting is low and a DJ plays dance music. the bat offers free soft drinks and Tea & coffee. Alcohol can be purchased on purchase of a €10 chip at reception which is handed over at the bar. Service is efficient and well staffed. There is a pole for dancing and girls come out and dance now and again. The pole dancing girls have bikinis/underwear on which apperas odd compared with the myriad of naked girls showing everything, in the same room. Downstairs from the ground floor there is a swimming pool (naked swimming very liberating!) a Hamman, sauna, and another bar. This area seemed quieter with a few girls. TV was on showing Sky Sports - ideal for a time out to get your energy back! Upstairs is reserved for gentleman in the company of a lady. The bedrooms are very smart, and have themes, murals, linked with classical gods: Nike etc. They are impeccably clean and to a luxury standard. You get an amazing feeling climbing the spiral stairs with a beautiful girl leading you by the hand.
        So I started to make a mental notes of girls who i would like to see. There is no pressure on the men with girls making smalltalk/chat and asking if yo want their company. If you say no then they fully understand and move on. Similarly if you want to chat or go furher then I didn't experience or see any knock-backs. I decided on a tall blonde (well it was Germany!), a black girl and a short haired girl (my own peronsal favourite look) Scanning the room(s) I soon saw girls who met my 'shopping list' requirements.

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The first was a tall girl from berlin called Priscilla. She was a centerfold quality blond with an amazing body, shaved, gorgeous tits and long blonde hair, pierced lip and a tattoo on her back (many of the girls are tattooed/pierced - a look I love!) She spoke good English and made me feel very relaxed. The BBJ was out of this world and the sex top notch. She had very long finger nails (2-3") and gave a sensational fingertip massage.After my 30mins I put my robe backon and together we went downstairs to the small cash locker area where I paid my dues and with a kiss we parted. Tim for a drink and a rest to get energy levels up for round 2!
      As soon as I was back in the mainbar a dusky black girl approached me and announced her name was Tiana. She could have stepped out of the pages of Playboy with nipples you could hang your coat (or bathrobe) on. As I was still recovering I made small talk and said maybe later. A while later after a bit more window shopping I saw Tiana again and approached her. Within a few minutes I Tiana was leading me upstairs to a private room. Close up she was even better - 10/10 black body, (Oh those nipples!) and  pierced pussy lips which were also nice and erect. After some mutual oral (loved sucking those erect lips and the metal stud!) we got down to fucking in a variety of positions. In no time I was cumming my load and it was time to re-robe and go back downstairs to settle up. Heaven
      I had only planned on 2 girls for financial, time & stamina reasons. During the evening I had seen a mind-blowing blonde with short hair and a curvy, drop dead sexy body. I decided on a rest period and then i would seek her out. After some food (good) a coffee and a bit of TV I decided mself and my old man downstairs were up to so more. The short haired blond was talking to some Irish guys at the bar - one of them then went upstairs with her. Patiently I waited, had another drink and a stroll around. Then she came back down and went in the female changing rooms. I waited a short while more and then she came back in to the room. I sided up to her and asked her name - Irainia, a Romainian. She led me upstairs. her body was superb - the largest tits of the night with tan-lines. She had that blunt, directness that you get with east european girls. She knew all the right buttns to press and I was cumming in an all too short time. Mind-blowing.
          After 3 rounds I was out of time, stamina and money. I had been in the club about 4 hours. I showered again, got dressed and handed in my keys. With a thankyou I left reception for the short walk back to Westkreuz station. The station was still staffed, welllit and the train came inno time. My night in Artemis was over and i have to say it was probably the bast night of my life and one which i would recomend to anybody. The memories of all those gorgeous naked girls will stick with me for a long time. My advice would be to go and look at all the girls rather than act on recommendation from others. It's a bit like finding a good restaurant in London - there are so many of them nobody has tried them all and best to go with your instinct!


Thanks for the post - it reminds me of my first FKK (Oase) quite a bit!

I have been to Artemis as well and your account is spot on! Good job and I remember my visit much like you do yours.

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