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Snow, I never said that the President was above criticism . . .
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I said that the name calling and childish, boorish remarks made about our Presidents is contemptible.  

If you had read my post, you could have saved a lot of time typing up your above sermon.

of respect for the office of the President of the United States that is shown by posters -- both left and right -- on this board.

Regardless of your political feelings, referring to the President and his office in the derogatory and disrespectful terms as so many of the members of this discussion group do, is uncalled for, immature and most certainly inappropriate.

I know this is a porn board, but still, the office of the President of the United States/Commander-in-Chief should not be degraded and insulted in the manner in which the right-wingers of this board have referred to President Obama and the left-wingers have spoken about President Bush.

We're all adults on this board and it would make the commentary and the opinion sharing a lot more meaningful if the remarks about our Presidents reflected that.

I get what you are saying, and I don't think I say anything that disrespectfull. I could be wrong, I give everyone respect due to the fact that they are human. Be it they are a dope fiend, President, terrorist, clergeymen, or what ever some one might be.

Some people are easier to respect than others, it's almost hard to respect myself after reading my reply.

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For me, respect starts with registering with a website that publishes reviews of women that will have sex with total strangers for money. This is the kernel of respect. Then from there, you lurk cautiously on the discussion boards and read reviews, bookmarking to the ones you respect best. I see this as the exercising of respect and developing a healthy attitude toward respect. Eventually you engage in the activity of this website, publish a few respectful reviews of your own and start to post a few respectful discussion threads. This is where you start to share in your respect of others in a more active way. The only thing left is to create an alias to enhance your respect to the ultimate level of the political board. That's when your Karma gathers so much goodwill, you get offered anal without an up-charge. That's what respect can do for you. And notice I didn't mention a cover. Yeah, I didn't.

Try this exercise, and take note of it when you hear it in the media.

Just say to yourself, "Mister Bush". Sounds a little strange, doesn't it? Now say, "President Bush". Sounds normal, right? It rolls right off the tongue.

Now try this: Say "President Obama". Sounds forced, doesn't it? Now say, "Mister Obama". Sounds more normal, right?

I noticed this a few years back. I will even hear the President refered to as "Mister Obama" on MSNBC. I'll hear it on right-leaning news outlets too. As if Obama isn't legitimately the President. And yes, this is a new thing. I never heard it before he was sworn into office.

Generally speaking though, I don't think very highly of politicians. I don't think any of us should. If they were doing a great job and this country was doing well, that would be one thing. But it's not.

more for the office of the Presidency itself.

And I think your exercise about "Mr. Obama" compared to "President Obama" sounds more like just another reason for the Dems to cry foul about a black man not being considered good enough to be called a President.

...I just don't respect the folks who have been occupying it as of late.

In regards to the "Mister" vs. "President" thing, I dunno, I might just be nitpicking too much, and maybe it's just not intentional. But I gotta think if your job is to report the news, you focus quite a bit on your delivery. You focus on how you frame things. And I gotta think it's intentional. Why it's being done, I have no idea. My best guess is the reason I gave.

You refer to President Obama (or whomever the Pres is) by his title the first time you mention him in a report and then switch to "Mr. Obama, etc." after the first mention.

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all US presidents have functioned as placeholders: mere puppets in starched shirtfronts put in their office to follow the dictates of their Masters. Thanks to them, the Constitution is a tattered vestige, and our military functions as nothing more than a bully-boy, private army for the benefit of large corporate interests.  

Bush was disposable, just like Obama, just like Romney. These guys are picked by the same interests that also own the mainstream news. They will do whatever they want to keep wars happening because they profit from all sides. Time for people to wake up and take your government back from the crooks that stole it from you.

The "office of the President of the United States" is no longer worthy of any more respect than that which would be afforded to a syphillitic chancroid.

Wake up! Do something REAL to save your butts if it's not already too late.

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our country is slaughtering people around the world, and bombing country after country to dust...

and somehow you support this....


wake up.. war is not peace

start thinking for yourself, turn your tv off.. and ask yourself what you see happening around the world without your tv telling you.. YOU would see clear as day, if you just had one thought that was your own, that WE are the problem in the world.. We are invading country after country, NO ONE OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD IS

All of this, while we turn in to a police state.. Here on the home front.. and you still support it..

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You drink the flavor you like, nope, you drink it until you are delirious and stupid.

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However, I have to be honest and say that I find your broad brush approach about any criticism of the President being dis-respectful to just be totally out of touch with the principles this country was founded on.

Now if you were to say some comments were made were childish or disgusting, I could probably agree, but to say someone is above criticism simply because they hold a political office is really not supportable.

If you think something as simple as holding the office of president should bar you from criticism, then you are basically saying you should never criticize Kim-Jong-Il, Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. All these men were holders of High Office.

I think here is something for you to consider and a point I would make for the whole board as well.


Basically you sit on one of the biggest board of directors in the world. Membership is based on if you can vote. YOU decide who will hold that office along with all the other board members. YOU decide if you will re-up his contract for another 4 years along with your fellow board members.

That beautiful White house he lives in, YOU OWN IT!! You and your fellow board members through you elected representatives decided the Office was important enough to put the holder of that Office in it. You and your fellow members decided what powers he should have and have the ability to change those IF ENOUGH YOU DECIDE IT IS NECESSARY.

So, the point it, yes, it is an important office, and yes, it is a powerful office, but its power comes through the consent of the voters (board members) and must answer to those members. If you don'e believe any of this, go back and review a little thing called Watergate.


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the continuous rant against posters by other posters......if someone doesn't post the reader's point of view....they are branded as racists, etc......few differing points of view are discussed here with civility.

I said that the name calling and childish, boorish remarks made about our Presidents is contemptible.  

If you had read my post, you could have saved a lot of time typing up your above sermon.

Snowman39289 reads

You started your post about the "President" and hit it again several times.

If you want to talk about people being rude and stupid in their posts, I would give you a big AMEN, but why talk about POTUS so much if that is not the point.

NOT that the President himself cannot be criticized.

Learn how to fucking read . . . . .

Snowman39306 reads

This is what you said...

"Regardless of your political feelings, referring to the President and his office in the derogatory and disrespectful terms as so many of the members of this discussion group do, is uncalled for, immature and most certainly inappropriate."

You said, "Referring to the President and his office"

Damn, do you have any idea what the hell you even post??? So much for you only posting about the office.

Here is an idea, quit defending a shitty post, admit you meant something else and move on.

I said -- as you reprinted -- respect the President and his office.  It is the office, the position, the place it represents in America -- that deserves respect at all times.

If you don't respect the individual, that is one thing but the office always deserves respect.

Maybe it is time for you to quit trying to defined your shitty posts . . . .

he's posting under the influence.  There's a big difference between expression disagreement with someone versus speaking about them in derogatory, disrespectful, disdainful contemptuous terms. I've attached a post to illustrate the later. Plus, the u-tube clip attached to it in no way supported his claim.

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got any more adjectives?

horrendous, disgraceful.....

BTW, Durbin is a DummyCrapper.

Snowman39322 reads

The original post said, and I quote...

"I know this is a porn board, but still, the office of the President of the United States/Commander-in-Chief should not be degraded and insulted in the manner"

If he had said that posters were rude and childish, I would have agreed. However, what he said was the office of President should be above this. He is wrong for the simple fact that EVERYONE should be treated with more respect than many posters put on this board. What the hell makes POTUS so special but go ahead and feel free to crap on everyone else. REALLY !?!?!?!

It was a weak and poorly thought out post, I pointed it out and he got his feelings hurt.

Speaking of childish responses ;-)

my feelings weren't hurt.  

My belief in adults being able to make intelligent and respectful comments, though, was shot to hell once again.

Your reading comprehension skills may be lower than John Edwards' current favorability poll numbers.

I'm through wasting my time trying to point out your shortcomings.

Our enemies rejoice when we, American citizens, demean and disrespect our leaders, giving them encouragement to escalate their war against us, while also using it propaganda to recruit and embolden new inductees. This is not so much true however when we express disagreement with our leaders, because they, for the most part understand the nature of democracies. I respect those who can express their disagreement in rational and logical terms, because I can understand why they have come to believe in their point of view. I have no respect for those who express contempt, disdain, and disrespect toward another because they don't agree with their points of view or policies, or philosophies.

Whereas nobody listens to Senator Dicky Durbin on the floor of the Senate.

celebrities say in the press. And, their views are reflected here, though not always quite so colorfully, yet the tone comes through clear and strong!  Our enemies are no doubt jubilant at the Florida pastor publicly   hanging President Obama in effigy!  ;)

They already had a woody from the revelations of the atrocities!!!

Again! It wasn't a slur. He was merely pointing out that if one were to read the reports of the atrocities without know when and by whom they were committed, one could easily imagine they were reading about atrocities committed by more infamous people from a previous era.  ;)

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