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I think I would listen to Bill Clinton, extend them (eom)
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So, did Mitch just shoot the Republican's pet project of tax breaks for the rich, in the process of the circular firing squad of "blame everything on Obama? Or, did he let slip what he really believes about the benefits of that tax breaks for the wealthy.  Oops, either way???   ;)  ;)  ;)

Matts desperate because his hero is a failure

Besides obama said the economy is working great so I guess the tax cuts did work..


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compare this with 'trying nothing' that your boy has done for over 3 years...2 years he had the ENTIRE Congress at his fingertips...and the best he could do is come up with a silly-ass helath care bill that was jsutified to us based on lies....(has it lowered helath care costs??? NOPE!)....make this guy a one termer!

add refusal to accept truth leads to delusion land.

Enjoy living in it.

Destroying the greatest country on earth by the single minded pursuit of tax cuts to tilt wealth to the wealthy is the Republicans eventual goal.

Did we just get transported to a parallel universe?

No, it is just because it serves your purpose, isn’t it.

Care to tell how extending the Tax Cut to to wealthiest 1% helps you in any way? and you call others Kool-Aid drinkers!

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I am not a party line guy. I do not criticize something simply because it comes out of a Democrats mouth. I believe in CONSERVATIVE principals and anyone who speaks up for them gets my backing, I could give a crap about party affiliation.

Bloomberg is a Republican, I happen to think he is also an IDIOT.

In fact, I tend to believe it is more Democrat voters who are blind to anything except party loyalty.

Sorry Bill stepped away from your party's mantra and embarrassed you, but you have to cope with that.

I am in the top 3%, not the top 1%, so if they hit the top 1% it does not personally impact me at all. However, unlike so many soak the rich democrats, I also believe in basic fairness.

Hell, according to your line of thinking, since I am not Jewish, why should I give a crap about the holocaust, doesn't affect me, RIGHT !?!?!?!

Sorry, but I am afraid my thinking patterns may be at a higher level than yours. I do not go through life thinking, well, I am OK, so who cares what happens to other people.

The top 1% pays about 37% of the income taxes in this country, the bottom 50% pay 0%. How about we take a look at the bottom 50% and tell the the free ride is over. I don't expect them to pay what I pay or the 1%, but damn, paying NOTHING. SHIT, I WOULD BE EMBARRASSED TO KNOW OTHER PEOPLE WERE CARRYING MY WEIGHT.

M.A.L.C.O.M.283 reads

That's because you have a shred (or more) of self-respect and dignity left.

Mores the pity. Maybe if we all joined the ranks of those receiving hand outs and contributing a net drain on society, the progressives/libs/whatever will see the folly of their ways.  

Damn.  Self-respect gets in the way of a good lesson and free ride, doesn't it?

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