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No he's Greek
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just ask his YaYa.

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This is a must see Keiser report! Mr keiser may not be intune with your corporate sponsored news outlets, BUT, he hasn't been wrong yet.. I know many of you love sucking banker balls, and really don't see the problems with our banks, you guys should wake up.. The banks are now above the governments, and we're beginning to see government after government stand up, and say enough..

MOST of you don't get it at all.. People, including governments have lost faith

That must be it. Long ago your dream of becoming a banker was crushed, and ever since then you have been on a one man crusade to persuade the world that the guys who loan us money are the problem.

         Since the passage of Glass Stegal in 1933, not a single person has lost a penny of a FDIC insured account up to the deposit limit. That's a pretty good record, don't you think?

     And when you borrow money from a bank, the are limited by law as to how much interest they can charge and the terms of the loan are spelled out for you in the lending agreement. Today you can borrow money at rates so low they are almost giving it away. How you can conclude that borrowers becomes "slaves" of the bank is so bizarre as to defy any reasonable explanation.

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