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Pimco and JP Morgan halt vacations to prepare for economic crash?
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"On June 1, market rumors were coming out of a hedge fund luncheon stating that Pimco, JP Morgan, and other financial companies were cancelling summer vacations for employees so they could prepare for a major 'Lehman type' economic crash projected for the coming months.  These rumors came on a day when the markets nearly came to capitulation, with the DOW falling more than 274 points, and gold soaring over $63 as traders across the board fled stocks and moved into safer investments."


The only part of this that's a rumor is summer vacations have been canceled, the rest of the article is based from sound economic data

"On June 2, precious metals expert and Chairman of Swiss America Trading Corporation, Craig R. Smith, sent out an urgent email blast stating that after the economic events that took place on Friday, the markets are primed for a new Lehman-type meltdown, similar to what took place in the financial system in 2008."



http://market-ticker.org/  GET OUT OF THE FUTURES MARKETS! all the markets are now seeing the tell-tale signs of a global wide sell off!

Oil is down below 83$ a barrel, yet we're still paying over 3$ a gallon.. this must be because the dollar is worthless

Timbow, a few weeks ago you thought the news of JP morgan admitting a 2 billion dollar loss would mean nothing to the markets, and I told you this was only the beginning, as JP Morgan is America's LARGEST bank.. the 2 billion is ONLY what they admitted to.. Tthis 2 billion dollar loss is from the risky bets in the derivatives market, and no bank IN THE WORLD has more exposure, or risk from derivatives than JP Morgan does..

Here is a great article that explains how the euro collapsing will effect the US via derivatives, this article also hints to the new system waiting on the shadows that will be established after this one collaspes..

"The problem is not Government debt per se. The real problem is that the $70 trillion in G10 debt is the collateral for $700 trillion in derivatives…"


Here is the problem, when the euro goes, and it is, it will crash the derivatives market, and leave JP Morgan in a real bad spot.. But hey, mari could ALWAYS invest more to try to save them..lol

Sorry mari ;)

One MAJOR thing to consider, is they are INTENTIONALLY bringing this system down now to usher in the new one world currency.. Problem reaction solution.. The FDIC is no more able to pay you back or insure your losses than the man in the moon.. and the objective is to end the dollar.. This isn't the time to hold on, and wait for better days.. IMHO they're is going to be a total reset, and new system.. In return for forgiven debts anything you have in this system will be gone.. and this is they're plan, it's well documented.. all ANY of you have to do is research the banking system to find their own documents detailing this plan which is nothing less than a total banking takeover of the world..

"I believe banking institutions pose a greater threat to our liberties than standing armies." Thomas Jefferson

We were warned, many times, by many others about these central banks through-out history, why so many of you can't see what's so clearly happening infront of your faces, clear as day.. Is beyond me, IMHO, it MUST be mind control from their BS TV and media

Life is what you make it! While some of you will see this as the end, many of us will see this as the beginning, of a new life.. One of total freedom, which will require you to have total responsibility for yourself.. You will have to grow your own food, and return to living, I mean really living.. Not only off the grid, but off the hampster wheel and rat race we've been living in.. Some people dread this, and others can't wait for it.. Some of you will be pushed into the new world order, and become total slaves, others of us have lost so much faith in the system that we won't be able to return to being in it.. Camp fema has spent years preparing for you to desperately line up at their camps, hungry and needy..

IMHO.. We still have a couple months to prepare, but that's it.. I think their will be one more bail out, which will only hold the system up a short time.. If you took all your money out of the market now, you could buy goods you will need to weather the coming storm..

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