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or....one year after Tea Partiers took over Congress...
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...and started refusing to pay the bills.

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and wow he's about to step down too... Over 81 bank heads have stepped down in the past 6 months, a sure sign of the coming crash.. http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/2-27-12-81-resignations-from-world-banks-and-12-from-just-today-from-american-kabuki/

"The head of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, is about to step down after a 5-year term.

That means he can say what he really thinks.

Here, via the Daily Mail, is what he really thinks about what's going on in Europe and the global financial markets:

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/world-bank-boss-impending-catastrophe-a-rerun-of-great-panic-of-2008-2012-6#ixzz1wfT5CnoU

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What if US gets downgraded again?
The rating agencies have put the US on notice -- again. Experts offer advice on how investors can prepare.


Freak out, in a Keynsian Nightmare, oh yeah!

The S&P said why they downgraded the US. Do tell us, what were the reasons they gave for the downgrade? Remember, the GOP played hostage with the debt ceiling deal in throughout July of 2011. The Budget Control Act of 2011 passed on August 2nd, 2011. The S&P downgraded the US on August 5th.

Isn't it strange that Republicans bitch and moan about Obama blaming others, when they endlessly blame Obama for their own fuck ups?

Keynesian Nightmare? What Keynesian policies have we embraced lately? A stimulus where 40% of it was tax cuts?

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and we're 15 trillion in debt, and we ONLY seem to engage in deficit spending.. so you tell me why anyone would downgrade us..

wtf else do you smoke?

You gotta wonder WHO s and p is owned by... because fitch has been  on a downgrading spree of the world.. One MUCH desewrved

O'bookworm is POTUS.

The fact that his arrogance does not allow him to play well with others is no excuse.

In fact, it's evidence that he's not fit for the job.

But boy is he funny on Letterman!!!

The Tea Party wanted to pay the bills by using the money that is coming in.

Obimbo wanted to pay todays bills (and your salary and perks) by dumping the bill on children.

Once again your lack of Real World Experience blinds you.

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will obama and his 'people' EVER' stop blaming others for the situation we find ourselves 3+ YEARS after taking office?

obama is just not man enough to admit he is an arrogant, condescending, elitist and  totally incompetent.

And or perhaps, like a few libs here, he is too stupid to realize he is stupid.

Thank You
2012 = GOP

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the way they divided us up is so polarizing, it pits the people against the people, and most of us can't even see who or what the real problem is because of it.. So to answer your question, when will Obama accept responsibility? NEVER, because if he did it wouldn't be so polarizing for the people they are seeking to separate and divide..

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