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Cops to journalists: "first Amendment rights can be terminated"
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Two journalists were briefly
arrested after taking pictures
in a public place and told by
the cops that the first Amendment
rights can be terminated.

The article also talks about
a guy who sued the Boston
police after he was arrested
for video taping them during
an arrest.  He won the lawsuit
and was awarded $170k, five
years later.

Its happening more and more.

Has anyone ever had a
run-in with the cops over
video taping them?

...being similarly infringed, they'd all be up in arms  -- literally.

The harrasement of people using a camera/photo devise to record their interactions with police is a recurring feature of the Mafia baliwick known as Illinois (also Maryland and Massachussetts).


...the cops are free to video tape you. They do it all the time with the red light cameras.

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but it is true and can apply to more than just that right.

I seem to remember of prominent democrat who locked up a LOT of non-anglo americans even though they did nothing wrong.

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