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Should companies be allowed to control the social media accounts of their employees? A few companies have been demanding that they give their bosses their social media log ins and passwords, and that they have the right to tell them what they can and can't say on social media websites, and that they even aren't allowed to talk to coworkers outside of work.

Is this even remotely acceptable?

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Did the Big "O" 'buy' it?  Who owns the controlling share of GM?

...the UAW has the majority share of the stock, at least that's what I saw after the company was reorganized. I don't think the union has control of the executive board though.

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My first question would be to a prospective employee, ask during the interviewing process about the company's social media position. Of course, if I'm interviewing I probably would think otherwise about hiring the candidate if they ask that question. They may have something to hide.

The one problem I do have is any company asking for logons and passwords. I'm not sure that is even legal. But then I'm not on Facebook, so I don't know what is shown on the 1st screen, what you can limit, etc.

Back to hiring for a second. Most, if not all large companies do an exhaustive background check. They check your college transcripts, references, FICO score, DMV record, drug test, including weed, and yes they check social media sites. If you have a picture of yourself at Tao (Venetian Hotel - Vegas - Club) with a skimpy dress, a tequila shot in your hand, and some guy with his hand on your tit, it may jeopardize your chance of getting a job.

Companies naturally want to protect themselves. They want to protect themselves specifically against disparaging remarks. Hence, when someone is getting a severance package, companies have them sign a release agreement which clearly stipulates against future negative comments.

I guess in conclusion, I don't have a problem with a company or govt agency looking at your Facebook page like anyone else, but I do have a problem asking for your password. I probably sound like a broken record to my kids, but I remind constantly about controlling their social media content.

If a GM employee walked around town on his days off holding a sign that said DON'T BUY GM CARS - THEY SUCK!! GM would fire him for that offense and nobody would complain much.  If a GM employee makes a post on FB or Twitter saying the same thing to his 500 friends does GM still reserve the right to shit-can him for trashing their name?

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If you are stupid enough to post derogatory things about your company or people you work with by name, then yes, you should be subject to discipline for that.

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