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Probably tastes like chicken (eom)
St. Croix 422 reads


I don't recall it in his movies but it seems to turn people into face biters.

mrnogood603 reads

ALL you have to do is go to google these days, and type in zombie instances, this problem seems to be growing

BTW, your bible tells you this will start happening too, but NONE of you christians even know your bible.. It's a reflection of the total degeneration of humanity... and this is JUST the beginning of it



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MDPV makes PCP sound like a srtroll in the park.

mrnogood307 reads


and the fact that ANYONE would put this in their body shows a significant level of humanity's degradation..

White zombie, huh>? That's racist! LOL j/k

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...pork. Yes, it really does.

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St. Croix305 reads

I'm surprised some liberal didn't call me a racist.

blacks taste like chicken. haha. I guess asians taste like sushi, indians taste like curry, and rednecks taste like gun powder. har har har.

actually, come to think of it...asians don't taste like sushi. they taste like delicious.

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