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Old news. Actually they are brining it back as of 2011 (E)
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how many jobs ere lost?

what happened to my tax money?

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This may not answer your question, but it will show you which companies are doing bad, and give you an idea of how bad unemployment really is...

With 100 million americans no longer in the workforce, and not even counted on unemployment, and a population of  313,642,079 - They're is obviously no kind of recovery


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We have 310 million people in this country, but 4 year olds don't work, and neither do 80 year olds. People on disability don't work either. For most of our history, women weren't part of the work force either, many still aren't.

The total estimated work force in the USA is about 155 million (2010).

One can look at this as a ratio between working adults and the total adult population. The recession has obviously taken a big toll on the total number in the workforce. We're at the lowest level since 1984. But that's still a high 59% of the population.

The years after 1984 until the recession, we rode an endless series of economic bubbles, all based on overproduction. Cutting back may ultimately be beneficial.

One should note that in the late 60's we had lower work force to population ratio than we do now, and we had full employment, and GDP growth rates 4 times higher than it is now.

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a little over 3oo million, and this 300 million number includes man woman and children.. Which means the real unemployment is about half of the working population..

What you just added to this thread was beyond even your level of ignorance.. LOL

I know you're sitting around waiting on a "recovery" since your tv would never lie to you.. but these numbers don't lie...

Willy months ago even mainstream admitted it was 80 million americans which had fallen out of the work force, and since NOTHING has gotten better, this number is now 100 million..

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Is a 4 year old unemployed, or not part of the workforce?

Only Obama and his drones believe we are at 8% unemployment. The real figure is probably double.

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Is a 4 year old unemployed, or not part of the workforce?

"Unemployed" is a well defined term. It does not mean someone who "doesn't have a job".

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http://www.google.com/search?q=88+million+americansout+of+work+force&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a  MONTHS AGO it was 88 million


NOW it is 100 million, under your Obama "recovery" http://www.google.com/search?q=100+million+americans+out+of+work+force&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

What ever other crazy point your  trying to make is beyond me, you lost me there sputnick

Now if 100 million people aren't working, because they've fallen out of the work force and we only have a population of 300 million , I'd say about half the the once working people in the united states would consider themselves unemployed

ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS TYPE IT IN YOUR SEARCH BAR WILLY! You are really helpless, so helpless infact, sometimes I wonder if you even have a job, since you NEVER seem to leave here

You prove again and again how blind you are to things really going on in Obama's America, if you worked, or knew other adults you'd see times are hard.. But you don't, so much so, that I gotta wonder, not only if you even work, but if you have any friends

Tell the truth willy, you're on mommy and daddy's dole, aren't you? lol

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Your "links" are to a right wing website and more of your google searches.

Labor force participation has been declining for the last 12 years. You know, predating the financial collapse. Why do you think that is?

Here's a hint: The demographics of the country has changed. Fewer people are having children, and the baby boomers are retiring. So what do you think happens when a society has less people entering the workforce and more people leaving the workforce?

A 4 year old is not unemployed. A 4 year old doesn't have a job, but that doesn't mean that 4 year old is unemployed. A 4 year old isn't in the work force. This isn't a hard concept to understand.

As I said previously, "unemployed" is a well defined term. I would think you would have had the intellectual curiousity to bother to look it up. I guess not.

Here you go:


The BLS also has another well defined term. They call it "discouraged workers". These are people who don't have a job, are available to work, but have given up looking for a job.

The BLS counts the number of discouraged workers, just like they count unemployment. Discouraged workers make up some part of the "not in labor force" group.

How many discouraged workers make up the not in labor force category? Just 7.2%.

So, in other words, only 7.2% of your 88 million want a job.

You can find this yourself in the BLS data if you bothered to look it up. Just scroll down to their tables and look at the "Not In Labor Force" categoy and the sub category "Persons who currently want a job". It's right there on table A-1.


People who went from six figures to pumping gas to survive under The Obama Economy.  Claim what you want Willy but you are another of Obama's sheep.  Keep defending him and this great economy.  Have you heard about 20,000 people applying for 800 job openings at car manufacturing plants?  It must be this great Obama Economy.`  But you would never understand being an insulated cog.

The 155 million should not include all the lazy, incompetent, over paid, do nothing, drug using,  message board posting government employees. Since they do not do any work, they should not be considered part of the workforce. They should be counted as welfare recipients.

You’re Welcome
2012 = Drug Free GOP

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and we can hope, if willy really does work, they saw fit to put his name on that list.. I'm sure the administration will find some way to twist this and make it sound like good economic news

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I'm going to give but one example as an answer to your last question, "what happened to my tax money?"

General Motors was the recipient of $51 Billion during the bailout.  They took this money and used it to transfer the Cadillac and Volt factories to China, Brazil and Eastern Europe.  How many jobs did American taxpayers pay to have shipped overseas in that deal?



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this freak show called the obama administration is simply waiting on their fat asses for something good to happen. It will eventually...and then we'll never hear the end of how wonderful, smart, etc....the "show" was.

.. and to think, people after seeing three years of talking and doing nothing, still want to vote for the "show".

I am not an Obama fan, but what is Romney going to do?

Now I'm on repeat.

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saying what he will do on Day One......the content is more than what the current pretender to the throne has done in 3 years......doesn't have to be much to outdo the 'do nothing' current loser....which by the way unemployment figures up again.....the guy doesn't have a policy other than to destroy what others have built before him.......ABO in Nov!

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and every politician lies, and says they will do this that and the other, and when they get in it's ALWAYS the same old same old...

Romneys actions, and not his mouth proves he is cut from the same cloth as Obama.. and everything he says he will do when he gets in is a lie, just like it was for Bush and Obama... This is because they're ALL puppets working for the banks, and the banks, not the puppet has the power

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hard to imagine!  one is a Marxist/Socialist believing Govt solves ALL problems....the other believes in Capitalism....guess who is who?
one never held a job in his life?  one proved his ideas worked and was rewarded very well?

They were both rewarded very well. What's Romney got money? and he came from money. Obama recieved a nobel piece prize, and is making money.

Tune out the hype, neither one wants to do you any favors.

a piece is the prize. I think I ment peace.

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Romney has shown you he too is JUST like Obama, all you gotta do is look..

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