Politics and Religion

your grammar is controling my grammar, and only drink grain alcohol.

Thank you for posting this. It is a very powerful speech. I only wish we had real leaders these days instead of shill politicians whose convictions are determined by polls and are always seeking a parade that they can jump to the head of...We get the leaders that we deserve..a sad commentary on where we are as a nation...Today some of us remember those who died to preserve our way of life while our once great nation flips burgers and squanders our legacy...God have mercy on us!

mrnogood681 reads

living under agenda 21... My bet is on humanity coming together all over the world... and I believe we're beginning to see this happen in country after country telling the banks f off..

God bless us! What ever it/he is! we need to stand up now! And I believe we will! More and more people are waking up.. Once enough of us wake up, their will be no way the banker funded new world order will win, instead I believe the people will..

great video!

This speech is amazing. Not only is it well written and heartfelt, it's real. The things he says are 100% true. Greed is what causes all of this. It's very sad. We have the power do something about it. We live in a world full of hate, war, racism, and so much more.

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