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FAKE syrian massacre being shown on news to sell another NATO war is really dead Iraqi children
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from another war.. But who cares right? They're not your children.. I swear to God, we will reap what we sow.. NATO is nothing but a war hungry group of corporate sponsored thugs, and your news is its whore, selling you out, to support these wars..


http://angryarab.blogspot.com/ a great site for keeping up on what is REALLY happening over there.. Why don't any of you act like humans anymore? Because your news has turned you in to hateful blood pigs, who are convinced their is a muslim boogy man out to get you..


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tax dollars..

"The aim is to bring foreign military intervention against the country in any form and way," he told reporters at a news conference in Damascus that was aired on television."

Syria, is not Libya, and will not fall nearly as easily.. They have a well organized military with the ability to fire anti-aircraft missles to bring down NATO planes.. Don't you guys get tired of the wars? This is NOT peace, and you are NOT spreading democracy, or anything good through out the world..

The US government is supporting and training these rebels at our expense, you should be outraged, instead, most of you show apathy.. A level of apathy, that's so shocking, I wonder what's wrong with most of you.


Your government is supporting terror.. If someone came to the US and tried to over throw our government, and China and Russia not only trained them but armed them, we would call it terrorism..

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