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An excellent sentiment. I plan to do just that today. eom
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Take a second to honor those that died in defense of the liberties we enjoy. Remember fallen love ones that had a hand in forging who you are. Pay respect to those whose courage and sacrifice made this country great: the veterans past and present. Honor those that have lost love ones in defense of our freedoms. That is what today is all about.

I solute the veterans and the families that lost love ones on out there. You have my gratitude and thanks.

Now to keep this on track I bet some of those we honor are former hobbyist or providers.

It was entirely the words of soldiers from their letters home, in some cases the last letter they wrote before being killed, going all the way back to the Revolution.  Meaningful and powerful.  I hope some of you are able to see it today.

... Any discount today ladies??

Will you be marching with your Boy Scout troop in the parade today?  Sorry.  Couldn't help it!

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Will you be marching with your Boy Scout troop in the parade today?  Sorry.  Couldn't help it!

The hookers in Pearl Harbor were told to keep their prices at $3.00 (yes ladies, that is three dollars) because many of the boys they were seeing would not be coming back, and it was their patriotic duty to support the war effort.  If they didn't comply, they would be cracked down on by the local police.

Business was so good the madam of one of the biggest brothels was worth about 10 million bucks ( about 140 million today).  That's a lot of fucking at $1 commission for the house...

well, in all honesty, you can probably still get a bbbj for three bucks...but you'd probably have to find....

Thank you to all who served before, beside, and after me. I hope everyone's day is filled with warm memories.

As a vet and a monger, I wonder how many providers offer military discounts and specials to the troops.  I had the great fortune to be stationed in Thailand, where the only deadly weapons were the mosquitos.  

Vietnam era vets hardly got a free cup of coffee on our return, though I certainly do not place myself in the category of the guys who had the much harder jobs in country than my cushy AF photo lab far from the fighting.  Just would have been nice.

I pick up the tab for troops at local eateries, and I swear that if I ever see a troop going in to one of our local AMPs, I'll pay the house fee for him.

Ladies, please raise a flag pole or two around town tonight and see who salutes ;-)

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