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There is no god....eom
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he is to the left of jesus.
Too bad there was no photography back then or we would have pics of them gods and prophets.

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that's the closest they have on line. I guess
Allah is too shy. but then again he is the same god as god so the first pic applies... and stop confusing me or confusing the rest of us.

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The last two on the
right?  Joseph Smith?
and the super hero
looking one???

And He does not make himself readily known
to people unless they seek Him out, in faith, first.

And people can live, breath, love, laugh, gain
wealth and lose it, without knowing He exists.

In other words,,,,two people can live their entire
lives in happiness and die. And one may not believe
in Him and the other may be a believer.   But the
difference in their lives will be in the after life....

But some people are afraid to believe.  It can
be difficult and a challenge to have faith.

distant like stuff in the universe. Two people can live their life in happiness.. either way, cool.
The afterlife, that i don't know. But then again why should the non believer be cast to the lake of fire to burn in eternity? That's not right. Just let them dissapear or something.

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