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Once or twice a week and laughs everyday....hmmmm
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Well I am happy to be of service.

they provide at no cost!!  I only look in here once or twice a week, but I am never disappointed by the level of inane & asinine discourse from both sides of the political spectrum.  While I am a slightly liberal armed forces veteran and a much bigger fan of Mr. Obama than I could ever be of George W, I do continually find the extremely predictable posturung by most of the regular posters here on nearly any issue highly amusing.  In fact, I always look here for entertainment before I look at the Humor board.
So thanks to all the narrow minded and doctrinally bound posters who give me laughs every day!!

We decided that the free on-line content was not a sustainable business model, so I’m afraid subscriptions now are $29.95 a month. Moreover, since you indicated an  interested in discourse that is both “inane and asinine,” I’m afraid that’s premium content, so that will be an additional $9.95. While we do feature both “inane discourse” and “asinine discourse,” only the truly gifted posters can do both without being redundant.

      Make your check out the Marikod Relief Fund which is, of course, tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

professional comedians & all of you clowns perform for free!!  Too bad you can't band together & figure out how to market it (oh wait, that would require conservatives & liberals to actually cooperate for the greater good--what an unthinkable idea!!).

you're fucking things up. We were going to make the checks out to the "Plane Tickets For Willy Fund", so I can relocate to some socialist European country, remember?

All this trouble we go to to divide up our stupid comments from our well-thought out intellectual arguments, and you have to go fuck it up! Asshat!

Remember the schedule! This month is the plane ticket fund. NEXT MONTH is the Combat Handgun Training For Marikod Fund. I'll see you at the range the first of July fucker!


Just FYI, it's 'Commander in Chief' not Commander & Chief. Accuracy has value! e
Posted 5/27/2012 at 5:00:00 PM
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No one would have ever figured out what OC meant without your help!

Chuckle, chuckle!

RUSchittingMe520 reads

Same shit over & over.  Nobuddy's mind ever changd.  Pointless.  Boring.  Hardly evr cum hear enny moar.  Not cumming bak enny tyme soon.  Bye!

I wasn't aware of bringing a smile to someone's face. It's true that I have a rather dry, and self-deprecating sense of humor, which by the way, the first doesn't usually come through, and the second is not conducive on this board!   ;)

Could you be any more pompous?  One day I hope to be cool enough to make a grand announcement that I lurk from my perch.  Your's is the most hilarious post of them all: "Hey everyone, I'm watching you!" Keep patting yourself on the back you fucking loser!

that so many of you take as dogma. All this outrageous stuff you all post as absolute truth is so frequently ridiculous you make Donald Trump look liike a wise voice of reason.  So keep it coming, I love it!
BTW, I don't recall saying 'I'm watching you' I merely said you are all hilarious; constantly stating your mostly unsupported dogma and ridiculing the other guy as if you had a chance in hell of changing any minds.  If you don't see the humor in that, I feel sorry for your sad life full of disappointment!

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