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I'm a lot of things, but arrogant isn't one of them . . . . .
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and I have much better things to do with my time than to dick around with the losing likes of willywonka4u and Priapus53.

Have they exhausted all other possibilities or is this a reelection ploy to appease his Jewish base and come across as a strong Commander & Chief to the electorate?

...we don't like Iran because they are a Islamist country, they're not friendly towards us, and they have oil.

We'd like to overthrow the gov't, but we can't overthrow a gov't with nukes.

We don't have the ability to launch another war, because our military is depleted from 10 years of war.

So the best thing we've got are a lot of threats.

We're just playing a game of chicken, that's all.

There's a difference between overthrowing a government and blowing the shit out of their nuclear capabilities.  Panetta and Israel are referring to the latter.

They and their psychopathic leader have threatened to blow Israel -- one of our greatest allies -- to smithereens.  

We're not playing chicken.  We're watching the back of our friend.  

Of course, you wouldn't know what that is like since who in their right mind would ever have your back.  Other than your dealer, of course . . . .

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So do many millions of other Americans. If you wanna argue with him on the merits, fine----but stop actin' like a teatotatlin prude & ridiculing his "recreational habits"------

I was jabbing willy  not for his pot-smoking -- hell, if he wants to kill himself that way it is fine with me -- but for his arrogant personality which I am sure drives away almost all who might even think about being called a "friend" of his.

and I have much better things to do with my time than to dick around with the losing likes of willywonka4u and Priapus53.

Iran calls our freind the arrogance of the west.

Iran's supreme leader has issued a fatma against the production and use of nuclear weapons. That means this is not only religious policy but is the law in Iran.

The presidents various bombastic statements are now more than rhetoric and give no greater lilkehood that Iran will launch a suicide attack against Israel than senator mccains bomb Iran rhetoric should be taken seriously.

Scholars dispute whether his wipe Israel off the map comment was translated correctly and he has denied any plan to destroy Israel with military force.

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Did you mean Fatima? I can't see Iran's leader heading over to Portugal to see the Virgin Mary. That's it marikod. He wants to see what a real virgin looks like, even if she is a dead one.

Maybe you did mean Fatma. Isn't that some kind of a Persian "hey yo momma so fat" joke.

Oh you mean Fatwa! I'm issuing you a Fatwa against any future day trading. And if I find out you bought Facebook shares, without the approval of your estate beneficiaries, well then I'm going to go all medieval on your ass.


Father St. Croix -

I hear Fatwa's can only be issued by recognized spiritual leaders. I'm a Father, and I'm a Saint.

by confusing the Arabs with the Persians.

      You really need to review your source material a little better before you post -I recommend "Ahab the Arab" for the true story of Fatima.

       And my sources in the Beverly Hills Men's Hair Salon tell me you are only a part-time saint. So you better clean up your resume before you end up like the Yahoo CEO.

   "Fatma"? I-PAD posting is a bitch - just too hard to correct typos.

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Somebody peeked at wiki. The Virgin appeared in 1917. The Moorish Muslims were long gone by a few hundred years. There must be some kind of statue of limitations. If I did insult the entire Arab nation, well fuck em (lol).

I didn't know impersonating a saint while satisfying a certain fetish with a local provider was required on a resume. I'll make that change ASAP.

Don't tell me you bought Yahoo too? I don't know what's worse, the Yahoo CEO lying about his resume, or the ex-HP CEO  (Mark Hurd), boinking a chick and fudging expense reports. These guys are giving Silicon Valley a bad name.

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Dr. R. Stevens, who told me about Fatima and her never fully explained relationship with a shadowy figure named Clyde.

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the meaning of them at a whim. They are non binding.

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by the Supreme Leader of Iran Khamenni issued in that capacity which subsequently has been treated as a Fatwa and has been treated as binding by President Ahmadinejad.

        Of course the Supreme Leader can change his mind but as of the present date he has not done so.
Until he does it is the law of Iran. If Iran is full of religious zealots as everyone likes to say well they have to follow this law.

The talking heads, Republican candidates,  and Israel PM who claim Iran is threatening to blow Israel to smithereans simply ignore that is not Iran's policy at all, except possibly in retaliation for an Israelli strike.

This mischaracterization is being used to justify an Israelli preemptive strike.

What world do you live in that you think thats even close to reality ?

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and shit like this would not happen if we didn't have dual citizens of both the US and Israel in high places in our government

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Posted By: Officer Cartman
Have they exhausted all other possibilities or is this a reelection ploy to appease his Jewish base and come across as a strong Commander & Chief to the electorate?

A distinct NO to the former and a RESOUNDING YES to the latter.Kudos on the rhetorical question, and I picture a zion-first retard like yourself  positively creaming your pants at the prospect of the US, once again, doing Israel's dirty work for it.dirty work it is neither smart enough or brave enough to do for itself.not that Israeli gratitude will be evident for more than a billionth of a nanocsecond.
But as you sort of allude to, it's an election year.
for a guy with a moslem name, Obama sure is a disappointment.

for having all this real world experience, you don't seem to live in the real world. ;)

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u r dead ass wrong about the military being depleted. they are on a high and can go again at the drop of a hat......YOU and your wannabe's would cry to the highest heavens if they were unleashed again......come up with another reason why we won't go for iran.......(maybe because your guy doesn't have any balls?)

....seriously...like...totally...u're so stoopid. y cant u rite like an adult?

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You would make a diplomatic decision based on balls?

Using propaganda terms?

What book did you read that in, Rules For Radicals?

Actually, I'm just quoting Obama himself.

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