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Say BYE - BYE.....obama
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A convict, serving time in federal prison, running against obama in the democratic primary gets 41% of the vote in West Virginia.

Obama is TOAST……………lol

2012 = GOP

Shoes are a luxury there, hippie.

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besides, it's not like one can argue that West Virginia is full of diversity. Painting with a broad brush may be stereotyping, but in their case, it's also accurate, lol.

It is also accurate that unlike you they are loyal patriotic Americans.


You’re Welcome
2012 = Drug Free GOP

wearing mutten chops, chewing on straw, and living with their 8 kids out of a '46 Buick with no wheels are always very patriotic. I'm not sure why.

Better be careful willy, Chuck Yeager is from WV, and he can be a mean SOB if you piss him off. Not a dummy either.

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