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Statesgrant marriage licenses, but can a stae not recognoze a marriage performed in another state?

Also, there are federal laws whuch are impacted by your marital status, so I would say this will be in both areans.

in the coming election.

The question of whether or not gay marriage should be recognized is not nearly as important as the real issues facing America today -- jobs, the economy, the budget, excessive spending, and, as always, national defense and the growing specter of a nuclear war.

Gay marriage affects a very small portion of the American population.  The fact that it has become a national firestorm really amazes me.  

While I believe that marriage should include a man and a woman, I would never let the issue become so important and so engulfing that it would overtake the real issues that threaten our country today.  Let's face it, gay couples are not going to do the damage to America that Islamic terrorists or lunatic Iranian leaders have done or could do in the future.

If the Republicans try to make this a big issue, it will blow up in their faces.

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Can a President do anything about gay marraige?  Isn't it just symbolic?

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but if a state votes in favor of gay marriage, what does that mean for federal related rules as it relates to marriage. Does the gay couple get to file a "married" 1040 form, utilize the tax tables for married couples and get married deductions? How about spousal rights under social security? How about citizenship rights? The list goes on.

I don't have an answer to this issue, but I guess what Obama is saying is you're married in the eyes of the state of New York, but not in the eyes of the Federal Government.

I don't think he wanted to touch this issue prior to the election, but thanks to dumb witted side kick, he had to come out of the closet (lol).

    The Clinton era Defense of Mariage Act defines a marriage for tax purposes as between a man and woman. So no marital deduction for your boyfriend. Similarly gift tax benefits are not available for gifts to your same sex partner. No IRA roll overs either.

    Married  heterosexuals can transfer unlimited assets to their spouse without estate tax liability. Transfer to your same sex partner on death and you will pay capital gains taxes.

      So it is very much a federal issue for tax purposes. Is the DMA constititional? Maybe not. Mr. Obama has instructed the DOJ not to defend this law. The Republicans have the opposite view. This is the issue that will probably reach the Supreme Court before any of the state laws allowing or disallowing same sex marriage.

Posted By: Officer Cartman
Can a President do anything about gay marraige?  Isn't it just symbolic?

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How does that work?

Obama gets to be the final arbiter on which laws he wants to uphold and which he does'nt?

Does he get to do whatever he wants cuz he's black?:D

In reading the link, Mr. Holder said that he and the President had reached the same conclusion that Defense of Marriage is unconstitutional.

You are correct - the AG is suppose to make his determinations on the law independently for the most part, although he might have to resign if the President insiiss on a particular view. Remember the Saturday Night Massacre and Tricky Dick.

what they "believe" is or isn't constitutional and are able to act accordingly?

i missed the part of the Constitution that defines those powers, can you help me with that?

Maybe it's cuz he's black:D

are there any limits to the POTUS/AG powers?

I wonder why some think Obama is shreading the Constitution?

I hope they make Garden Grove cops writing failure to stop tickets unconstitutional in the next few weeks, that'll save me a couple hundred bucks!

Snowman39311 reads

Statesgrant marriage licenses, but can a stae not recognoze a marriage performed in another state?

Also, there are federal laws whuch are impacted by your marital status, so I would say this will be in both areans.

...that the more they focus on the culture war, the more likely they are to lose, and look utterly ridiculous in the process.

But these issues will keep coming up. The Republican coalition of the libertarians, business-interests, and Evangelicals have never been so shaky. If the party talks only about the economy, the Evangelicals will know that the party is trying to marginalize them, when they're already bitter about having to accept Romney has their candidate.

I would hate to be a Romney campaign advisor. What a fucking mess.

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its only because they know they will lose that point.

I find it funny as hell watching all the liberals on thsi board trying to stuff this genie back in the bottle.

He said it, its out there, and it is going to hurt him at the polls.

Looks like this game is over...

What the hell, Snow. The story hit the press yesterday, and it's already yawn-worthy. I really don't think people will give two shits about it next month, much less in November.

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The real intensity of this story will hit in November.

Gay Marriage may have been something that would keep American's interest 8 years ago, but today? I mean really, the shock value has worn off. Now if Obama had come out for polygamy, then I could see it being talked about all over the place. But gay marriage?

The only segment of the country that still passionately cares about it are the Evangelicals, and they don't even have enough people in the Republican Party to get a candidate of their choice.

Snowman39312 reads

It was headline news!!! Not buried under the op-eds in section 3.

Keep hoping Willy, but there is a reason it is called the Bully Pulpit, and between this and the health care ruling coming down soon, this is a one two punch.

You should try to go see Obama when he is on the lecture circuit next year.

What I meant to say is that I have my doubts that anyone will be talking about this in November.

Snowman39319 reads

One of the questions during the debates will be gay marriage. You ar right it will quiet down for now but it will come back during the election, and now Obama is in a corner on it.

I think he would have backed it next year, but good old Joe screwed u again and painted him in a corner.

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