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That photo that has been around for years..confused_smile
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The city in the back round is BOSTON.

As Ron White says, "You can't fix stupid."

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The city in the back round is BOSTON.

Yes, It has...
and your point?
Not only has it been around for years
it is not even accurantly quoted.. but...
it made my point..

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to be a Carolina native. What does a 5 year old photo from Boston have to do with your shame?

Come on. Think of "something" Even blame it on the yankees. That will appease me.

It is obvious you are looking for an arguement..
If you wern't so quick to pick a fight and read several threads down and pay attention to the world
around you.. YOu would see..
My point was my disappointment with the Rulling on Admendment 1.

Just for once.... without scarcasm and sincerity, maybe you should try to be a nicer person.
If you don't like my post don't read them, if you don't like me don't deal with me.

Have a nice day..... I am done with you and your drama
You are just another example of ( ya can't argue with stupid) and I am not referring to your intelligence there is a lot more that goes into stupid then an IQ test!

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to be a Carolina native. What does a 5 year old photo from Boston have to do with your shame?

Come on. Think of "something" Even blame it on the yankees. That will appease me.  

If you don't like the drama and really feel that BBJ has a low IQ, why do you keep responding to his posts?

I debate with people because I enjoy it. If you're not enjoying the back and forth (pun intended)....just stop

I responded to his post because I was trying to give him benefit of the doubt..
No worries. I won't make that mistake again..

The back and fourth is often refreshing and I enjoying seeing the others point of view as well.
Thats why I try to give them a second or third try even when we don't agree the first time. There is a difference between disagreeing and just being an ass for the sake of fun...


NC voted to ban gay marriage. Mass was one of the first states to pass gay marriage as a legal contract between two people. Being a NC native as well  I have to say I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed and saddened that more voters here weren't more forward thinking (IMHO).

That being said, I personally am not ashamed to live here.There are too many good things here in NC. I do like getting the heck outta here to heading to points north like Boston, Philly, NYC, and DC though.

Now I'm hoping this thread gets moved to the P&R Board though. Seeems better suited to that board.

Blaming it on the yankees makes no sense.



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although some of my humor seems to have flown over some hairpieces.

If it doesnt affect you I do not understand why you are so shamed. I feel the same about people who bitch about America...dont like it...leave.

Im not ready to move.. but I see your point..
and it does affect me and could affect YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Amendment is not all about gay rights. there is so much more to it!

I'm sure some folks here would have thought it was some kind of cross between carpet munching and tea bagging- and I'm not talking about any Boston Tea Party protest, it is my feeble attempt at some sexual humor to lighten things up a bit.


I believe the person holding this sign is a supporter of gay marriage.  The point is, everyone knows (almost) no brides are virginal there days.  The opposition to gay marriage get their reasons to oppose from the Bible and the carrier of this sign is using the Bible to discredit the anti-gay marriage advocates.  So, Jessica, which side are you ashamed of?  Not attacking you, just not sure where you're coming from on this one.

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...he wrath would be in the divorces, not the marriages.

Of course, if you are Mormon, you marriages likely far out number your divorces. There's that.

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