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But the original question remains, why was it off the record? eom
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meet with any left wing group.

Wow. A fucking shocker.  Romney is claiming to be conservative and he has contacts with the conservative press.  Amazing.

I know I didn't answer the question. I thought it was rhetorical.  Assuming he met with them, what is there to hide?  

It would help if you had a link.  I didn't see anything saying he was hiding anything.  If it is reported he met with them, it isn't hidden.  Did he wear a fake beard?  Did the journalists come in at 2 a.m., in limos with the windows blacked out?  Did he swear them to secrecy?

An "off the record" meeting with journalists from a long list of organization is some how secret.  

Hint. If you meet with dozens of conservative bloggers and journalists, you ain't hiding anything.

Reminds me of a great line from the play "Tru" about Truman Capote.  He is saying that his lib NY friends were upset when he wrote about them.  The character in the play says, "What did they expect. I'm a writer."  (paraphrase from a 20 year old memory, not an exact quote.)

Yes. He meets with dozens of bloggers and you think he is hiding something.

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