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I old easily say th same for Obama. (eom)
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particularly on social issues. Doesn't look like much if he can't even support his spokesman against the religious right.

On many issues I dare say Romney is already closer to the middle.
How close to the middle is Obama when he won't defend DOMA.  (Not discussing the merits, just asking in terms of majority view.)

How close to the middle  is Obama to ID check for voting? Most Americans favor it.

How close to the middle  is Obama to the majority view on Obama Care with most against it?

How close to the middle is Obama on the concern over "big Govt."

Obama's rating as a Senator was in the top 2 percentile of liberal.  How close is that to the middle?

Obama went to the middle before he was even sworn in as President.

Isn't it amazing how every single Democrat who seeks the Presidency suddenly becomes THE MOST RADICAL CRAZY LIBERAL IN ALL OF THE US HISTORY?

Somebody's full of shit.

The reality is that Obama is the most conservative Democrat to hold the office of President for the last 100 years.

In 2012, if you want to vote for a conservative, you vote for Obama. If you want to vote for a fascist, vote for Romney. If you want to vote for a progressive, or even a liberal, well you're shit outta luck.

President Clinton was far more conservative than Obama has ever dreamed of being.

I don't give a fuck what your stupid graph shows. Any fool with a computer and simple software can create one of those.

...it just so happens that the person who made that graph is Dr. Keith T. Poole. What is Mister Poole a doctor of? Political science. For realsies.

Oh...and in case you're wondering PW...I'm of the opinion that a guy who has a doctorate in political science has better idea of what he's talking about on such matters than say....you.


I certainly don't want to insult the man who spent all that additional time in college and not call him by his proper title -- "Dr." of Political Science Poole.

and more appropriate in a separate thread. I didn't post this as a Romney vs. Obama issue, nor a comparison between the two. Romney has his own set of difficulties representing various parts of his party. So, do you agree or disagree with the author of the article, and why?

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