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Oh, dear God................confused_smile
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Can your head be pushed any further up "NoBama's" ass?

At least when GWB made his first surprise visit to Iraq, it wasn't a re-election campaign trip.

on such a GUTSY call. This day should be a Holiday.

Oh look,
"President Obama slips into Afghanistan to sign post-war agreement"

I'm certain TODAY was THE ONLY DAY this trip could have taken place.

Then there's stories about how Bin ladin "hatched assasination plots against Obama" coming out TODAY.


Can't ya hear the 7.62 whizzing overhead now?

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Last I checked GWB was an actual pilot.

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Then why so little respect for a fellow aviator...

Fly or not, making fun of a military pilot for wearing a flight jacket, qualifies you as, well, maybe hypocrite is not the right word. Perhaps a better choice would be...


so, after that point he was no longer an aviator, and he was discharged in that status.

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And yes, I know that is not an actual military rank, but in my book, if you are in the military and someone issues an order you are bound to obey, that is a superior ranking official.

an AWOL pilot.

Stick to facts please, not what your huffington post tells you to think!!!!!:D

One day before D-Day.  It's June 6th...D-Day, and that should be a holiday.  Also, June 4th...that was the day, two years before, that the US Navy had it's finest moment in the victorious Battle of Midway.  If you know anything about history, this victory was monumental. as huge as Washington crossing the Delaware to win at Trenton against the barbarous Hessians .  

You can show all the pics of Obama as warrior you want.  Bad as he is at domestic economic and energy policy, he has surprisingly not been a pussy with military policy, and has dealt harshly with our enemies when needed, for which he deserves kudos.  I won't be voting for him in November, though...

but was canceled due to the weather.

I was also UNAWARE that Ike DECIDED on the 5th launch the invasion in what was a possible window in the weather.

Since I did'nt know anything of that I still think Obama's huge monumental decision to launch the raid that killed Bin Ladin was the riskiest, GUTSIEST, (did I say gutsy?) of the 20th Century.

The world owes it's very existence to ORambo.

I'll not be voting for him euither BTW. Historic heroics notwithstanding....:D

Can your head be pushed any further up "NoBama's" ass?

At least when GWB made his first surprise visit to Iraq, it wasn't a re-election campaign trip.

Bush went to Iraq in late November of 2003. Howard Dean was already viewed as being the Democrats top contender for his job, announced his candidacy in June of 2003. As you can see by the link below, Romney announced June 3rd, 2011, over a full year before the elections!

2003.  He went to thank the troops for their brave service and to spend part of the holiday with them.

Unlike the current Commander-in-Chief who has been in campaign mode since his inauguration, President Bush tended to his duties as President.

And, also unlike the current President, he did not take his secret trip a day after castigating his political foe and questioning the integrity of that opponent.

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Went over there for that reason. But, also that he calculated what might be any political advantages. I also, believe that if the shoe was on the other foot, Romney would be using the same playbook as Obama.

Romney would have someone else -- a surrogate or a campaign manager -- be the voice that would question whether or not Obama would be capable of going after the sick bastard in Afghanistan.

To me, one of the most disturbing things that President Obama does is that he does NOT let his henchmen do the dirty work.  It is very UN-presidential for a President to make the attacks and say some of the things that Obama says.

Makes him look bitter and very, very smarmy.

don't send "henchmen" to do you dirty work, be man enough to do it yourself. And, it was Romney that went after Obama, in 2007, attacking him for saying he'd go into Pakistan to get Bin Laden. So, now Obama doesn't have the right to personally say: "I told you so!"? And, guess what? Now, Romney is saying of course he would have done the same thing. Another flip-flop, plus ignoring the fact that his unwillingness to spend the money and effort to find him, would have left him with no apparatus to find bin Laden.

what Romney, who held no office at the time, would do in a particular situation.

I'm talking about President Obama being more of a "hit man" than a "President."  

The President of the United States should never make speculative, personal attacks against his opposition.  If politics call for someone to resort to that type of behavior, it should be done by someone other than the Command-in-Chief.  

It was truly another undignified remark by a President who has made a habit of doing such things.

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