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You never answered me...
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which do you find most offensive?

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Do you think this guy builds this house himself!!!

He hires carpenters, electricians, plumbers, landscapers and a shit load of other people to do it. In short, he is providing JOBS!!!

What's Willys answer? Take that money away so instead of producing jobs it can he used for government handouts.

Your lack of understanding is just amazing!!!

Don't believe me, do a little research on what happened when they decided to tax the shit out of yachts.
Rich people, fine, little guy, SCREWED!!!

...worked themselves up to have a upper middle class life in a beautiful community, only to see it fucked 6 ways from Sunday by a rich guy on a massive ego trip.

I have a couple relatives who live in Great Falls, and while it certainly is home to a few massive houses, it's mostly home to a lot of people who make 6 figures. It's a lovely community. Back in the day, the community was planned by some European, who thought it would be a nice idea to follow a European model, where you can walk to the market and do your shopping. There's a beautiful bike path where people use it to commute to work. Nothing but the woods, and a very long bike path, no cars, no noise, no pollution. It's stunningly beautiful in the late spring.

The entire area sums up the very best of what Northern Virginia has to offer. Beautiful scenery. Locally owned wine shops and vineyards. Modest but well kept gulf coarses. Town homes with beautiful lay outs where neighbors still know each other by name.

And then you've got this schmuck who wants to fuck up the whole place because he's fucking obnoxious. And it's not like there's any shortage of places he could go to build his monstrosity. Hell, if he built a little further south in Loudon County, he could do it in a place where he wouldn't have any neighbor's suing him for building his piece of shit.

But seperating out my personal feelings on the matter, you can create jobs just as easily by taxing this obnoxious prick. More jobs I'd wager, since when the gov't spends the money on something like say infrastructure, the money would be more widely distributed, creating an increased number of jobs. It would also be distributed out to more places around the country, creating a greater stimulus to the economy as a whole, instead of just stimulating one small region.

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You startedtalking about taxes, and suddenly switch your argument to style ?!?!?!

If you want to say this is tacky, fine, but don't change horses mid-thread because you can't back up your argument.

In regards to giving the money to government to create jobs..


It will go to Vegas with the GAO

and the same being built by taxpayer $$$.

First, the dollars being spent are the dollars of the guy who wants it. Lots of public projects get built simply because some Congressman or POTUS wrangled the money to pay back constituent votes. (Highway to Nowhere anybody?).

Secondly, the contractors doing the work have to actually compete to win the contract so the 10-15 million price tag is the "best price" as considered by the guy spending the money. (no bid contract anybody?)

Also, the 10-15 $million price tag is what the final price tag will be UNLESS the owner, (the guy actually paying the tab) approves a dime more. If it's higher, so what? It's his money.

If this egomaniac was taxed more than Willy, than those dollars could be used to help with the horrific traffic congestion in Northern Virginia (the worse in the country, by the way)

You do realize that those no bid contracts happened under a Republican administration, and were given to the company that the Vice President used to be the CEO of, right? There's intense competition to get government contracts. It's done that way by law.

No project is more synonymous with waste and fraud than the “Big Dig”, the not-so-affectionate nickname given to the rerouting of Boston’s chief highway (Interstate 93) into a 3.5 mile tunnel beneath the city. Originally estimated to cost $2.5 billion in 1985, the project devolved into the most expensive highway project in U.S. history, costing some $14.6 billion in state and federal tax dollars by 2006. Countless contractor changes and environmental obstacles later, Boston.com lamented in 2008 that the Big Dig’s crushing debt had “engulfed the state”, ballooning to $22 billion that will not be paid off in full until 2038 – at the earliest. This assumes no more hurdles for a project whose oversights have already killed a motorist and led a Massachusetts attorney general to demand $100 million in refunds to taxpayers as a result of “shoddy work.” (This last comment might qualify as the understatement of the century.)

See willy tax,

see willy piss away taxpayers $$$.

see, willy don't care,

it's not HIS fuckin $$.

I certainly agree that the Big Dig was a massive waste of tax payer dollars. The entire project was poorly planned, and even more poorly managed. However, I would note, that the problem with that project came from PRIVATE CONTRACTORS who were regularly committing FRAUD.

the words "worse" and "worst."

And, one of these days, maybe he will realize that the revenues gained on more proposed taxes on the rich will NOT be spent on infrastructure but will be put into the huge pile of growing entitlements that are driving this country into a hole in which it may never dig out.

Is have an insurance program so that old people aren't reduced to eating dog food an "entitlement"? What about an agency that protects those old people from foreign invasion? Is that an "entitlement"?

Question: would I rather have rich people building monstrosities or would I rather tax the shit out of them and spend that money on old people to make sure they don't have to eat dog food? I dunno about you, PW, but I'm going with the tax the shit out of the rich guy option. If that's what's driving this country into a hole, then I'm just fine with renaming this country the United Holes of America. :)

thousands of lazy, obese, chain-smoking people can sit back and wait for their welfare checks and their food stamps.

Willy, if you want to bring up extremes I can play that fucking game too.

This class warfare gig that President Obama is playing is not to appeal to a sense of outrage.  It is merely a ploy to take advantage of the jealous, lazy people who make themselves out to be victims.

Tax the rich all you want.  It won't make a dent in our national debt or the deficit.  And it won't help create jobs -- in fact it will likely take jobs away.

The United Holes of America, huh?  You must be the leader of that group with the first name of Ass.

1) that people who received "entitlements" are lazy.
2) people got rich by working hard
3) it won't affect the debt or deficit
4) it won't create jobs

If rich people got rich by working so damn hard, their life expectancy would be lower than the rest of us.

If working hard got you rich than coal miners would be billionaires.

According to David Stockman, Reagan's own budget director, the top 5% of income made more money from 1985 to today than the entire human race did in all of human history up to 1980. If we took all their wealth away, we'd have a 25 trillion dollar surplus.

Raising taxes on the wealthy has NEVER failed to increase GDP growth and lower unemployment.

Furthermore, the more billionaires have to pay into the budget, the less Wall Mart clerks have to pay to make up the difference.

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You know who uses that the of reasoning, people who can not admit to themselves that the ason they are not rich is be ause they have failed to do the right things to get that way...

Go ahead, admit it to yourself and get that chip off your shoulder ;-)

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kennedy, your loveable vietnam turncoat kerry!..thier richness is cool?
when will all of you realize it is in the best interests of the dem rich to keep all of u on welfare!!

Posted By: Snowman39
You know who uses that the of reasoning, people who can not admit to themselves that the ason they are not rich is be ause they have failed to do the right things to get that way...

Go ahead, admit it to yourself and get that chip off your shoulder ;-)

...on what I think of rich people. I don't put partisan qualifers on that.

Before I can answer the question ,regarding the lower right pic, you need to tell me is that you sucking pri-boy's dick or is it pri-boy sucking your dick ?

So actually you never di answer my question.

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