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Re: I'll pass Pri ..... Nugent's got a guest BR with a confederate flag...teeth_smile
Ed McMayonnaise 17 Reviews 344 reads

being used as a bedspread.... Not my taste!

....While out on bond. Ted Nugent might have an extra bedroom and
I'm pretty sure he has No Trespassing signs all around his rural home....

Sounds like a reality show in the making.

Or someone will shoot him in self defense!  

george Zimmerman remains jailed
George Zimmerman, 28, could be released on bond but getting the money has proved difficult for his family. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports

from florida tonight, an update in the trayvon martin case, and the man accused of murdering him. carey sanders is in sanford, florida, with the latest. carey?
>> reporter: good evening, lester. george zimmerman remains in jail here tonight. his lawyer says that the 28-year-old's family has found it more complicated to secure the $150,000 bond than they first anticipated. he still could get out of jail tonight, or his lawyer says as late as wednesday. when he gets out, it's expected he will go into hiding. then he's going to have to come right back here at the end of next month for his arraignment. according to his attorney, he is going to be back for his arraignment, then go back into hiding. the process, they believe, for a trial could be more than a year away. while he is out, they anticipate the sheriff will track his every moment with an ankle monitor that is hooked up to a gps, so they know where he is at every moment. trayvon martin's family said that they oppose the bond, but they respect the system. the system that gave a bond to george zimmerman who is not convicted of a crime. lester?

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