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Dick Clark, an American Icon.
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Dick Clark, an American icon has passed away. Of Clark's extraordinary career, American Bandstand, New Year's Rockin' Eve, TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes, this is what I remember most of this American Icon.

Dick Clark, represented a racist media agenda.

My opinion.

St. Croix418 reads

that lasted about 50 seconds. Ever hear of the elevator pitch willy? You have 15 seconds to get your message and next steps across and agreed. First, Moore was rambling. Second, Clark wasn't ready to be ambushed by someone who is just plain obnoxious.

sit here and watch almost 10 minutes of Michael Moore's trash?

St. Croix433 reads

all 10 minutes of that crap. I just fast forwarded to get to the Dick Clark part, which mercifully lasted only 40 to 50 seconds. Now that I think about it, Moore targeted the wrong audience. He should have ambushed Don Cornelius and Souuuuulllll Train.

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FistFullOfFifties453 reads

Clark sold out to Congress' investigation of Payola, scapegoating Freed. They both took payola, but Freed didn't bow to the politicians that were also on the take. Clark did whatever it took to save his own ass. The man would coin "Rock and Roll" stayed Rock and Roll.

One can only guess how many vile, underhanded, skullduggeres, self centered, inherently evil practices and dynamics he employed while smiling behind that boyish face and WASP-ie preppie persona.

 RIP Dick Clark.

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