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Nuru Massage
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Are there any providers who specialize in Nuru massages in New York City?  Any recommendations would be great.

i have been looking for the same thing for quite a while... to my amazement no one has stepped up to capture this market... kind of surprising considering the strong base of providers on TER.

if you here about anything please pass the info along... i am sure that a lot of guys would be thrilled.

Brenda Boobies is offering a Nuru massage, but from her reviews her GFE is second to none.

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if you watch some of the Nuru videos, it ends with pussy slides and bareback.

there is no way to do Nuru with condoms, because it will not stay in place and it will slide right off, as the gel is VERY slippery.

the gel sold as nuru is a stick imitation, not the real thing. Also, nuru massage is really messy and cannot be performed in a hotel room!

you need a special mattress on a large bathroom floor or a room with tiles, definitely not easy to do in NYC.

if was easy to provider nuru massages, don't you think the AMPs would have that on their menu?

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