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Hi does anyone have any idea if there are reliable sedan services that can take you to FKK clubs. This way I can pay a flat rate for a round trip to a club, I don't plan to go club hopping but will probably just hit one club a day. They can drop off and pick up in a pre-determined time. Good idea? bad idea?

Do they even have sedan services in the FRA area? I'm thinking of this option for my upcoming trip, I'm not going to do well with trains, and I'm a little wary of taxis. Any advice would be great!

This isn't a tuk-tuk in Bangkok, taking you to a gem tout or running up the fare. :)

I recall World having a sedan service/designated cab that you can use- €65 (so $80-ish one way from Frankfurt at today's exchange rates). You can probably call them for that (on their website).

As you can see, the bill's going to add up. IMO the cab is not that hard to handle for Oase, FKK Samya, and Living Room (as long as you find a place to stay close by, and if you don't a train to a place where you can grab a cab is fairly easy).

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I've had years of good service with in fact I started with a personal guide (German guy) who met me when I got off the plane, took me to 2 clubs and then returned me to the hotel. One of the X guides now runs the biggest German discussion forum, which tells you a bit how well versed they are.

I suggest you ask others who have ACTUALLY used the service. Sort of like asking someone about a club who has never been, makes more sense to get actual experience.

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