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This is getting beyond rediculous.. I showed several links.. Of which you obviously never clicked on
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And I know u never clicked on the links because one of my links would have explained the vortex.. I know your lack of religion makes it hard for you to accept that there is ONE truth about the origins of religion and man...

There is a current that surrounds earth of electricity and magnetism.. Sometimes when we see northern lights we see them because the vortex has been charged positively by the sun, and solar flares...

You have free will..

The more we talk the further you continue to stray off topic adding things I NEVER said.. You are so good at doing that, debating u is a chore.. It's work just to keep you on topic..

Astrologists believe we live in an electric universe.. The vortex is a phenomena ONLY present in electric universes..  This is a mainstream idea in the astrology world, and I gave you links from SEVERAL astrologists..

http://www.google.com/search?q=vortex+current&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a  the word vortex and current go together because the word vortex implies their IS a current present..

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the astrological event the entire year has been named after occurs.. Today is the new moon, and according to MOST astrologists NOW is the time we must CHOOSE to return to morality (becoming what we consider Godlike).. We have until October when  Neptune stops rising in pisces to change our ways..

Today is the day that the Godlike energy comes back to earth, it's up to us to learn that our world is changing, and to change accordingly with it, after october the earth's energy will be much higher if we can't raise our energy here on earth we will live out of balance with mother earth, causing us much strife..

This year was named the water dragon, because of Neptunes return to Pisces.. Neptune is the dragon and Pisces is the water while the moon offers illumination of this occurrence which will push all of neptune's energy down to earth effecting life on our planet we have exactly 10 months to begin to choose morality over corruption..Or our situation becomes more of a self fulfilling prophecy where we actually are bringing bad things upon ourself because of the laws of attraction, we will attract negativity if we can't make our ascension with  earth

"I believe that Americans are called to a higher consciousness at this point in our history. We are called on to live up to our ideals and create the country our forefathers imagined. Inner consciousness needs to be acted upon for social justice"

FWIW, choosing morality does not mean become religious or even stop hobbying.. The morality we must choose is world peace, and sympathy/ empathy for our fellow man both near and far.. Here is a tarot card for the devil, you will see the devil is materialism, and submission.. Tarot predates christianity, and before the church perverted satin and hell top be a firepit, it was a very different force.. We have become what was considered satanic http://www.learntarot.com/maj15.htm  and this is actually the morality we need to choose, to not be egomaniacs and satin worshipers.. If we weren't so materialistic their would be no reason for MOST of our wars

The last time the stars were aligned with the planets this exact same way we had the revolutionary war! Our founding fathers choose higher consciousness, and now we must too... Part of what is so special about this year that hasn't happened for 24,000 years is ALL the planets, and all their cycles are lining up for quite the show.. Planets can have several cycles, and each planet, and every one of their cycles are ending this year.. For example venus has 5 cycles that ALL end this year..The last time the stars and planets were positioned like this, they weren't ALL ending ALL of their cycles like they are this year, and this is how we are sure, this is what Christians call "endtimes" because of ALL the cycles ending this year, we're also sure because this year is the precession.. This year on the winter solstice the poles will align with the sun, as we inch our way back up the heavens.. for 12,000 years humanity falls working it's way down the wheel, and for 12,000 years we ascend as we work our way back up the wheel, and every year the earth moves 1/4th of an inch up, or down this wheel.. as humanity and earth fall, or forget, we also work our way down, and as we ascend, or awaken, we, and the earth are working our way up the wheel..

Not only do we work our way back up this year, our poles will also align with the sun, which means we've worked our way back up the wheel enough to be above the ecliptic, crossing the gates of God, and leaving the gates of man. The gates of God is above the ecliptic, while the gates of man is below it

http://www.in5d.com/expect-huge-changes-with-upcoming-rare-astrological-alignment.html  here is an article explaining the rare events in the sky's

RIGHT NOW many animals are dieing from MASS DIE OFFS http://www.google.com/search?q=mass+fish+and+bird+die+off&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a  Scientists in Europe are already calling this event the 6th mass extinction! Will humanity be the next to die off in masses? That is totally up to us!

We have to realize our earth is changing, and change with it.. Or we too, will die like the other animals who can't change with the earth.. Here is a google search for this 6th mass extinction http://www.google.com/search?q=the+6th+mass+extinction&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

Humanity is on an inseparable journey with mother earth, if we can't keep up with her growth and changes we too, will die..


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But I wouldn't think that such a harmless prank would mean that we need to return to a new morality. Just superglue someone's belt buckle if it bothers you so much.

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same as crossing the gates of man.. There are ALWAYS mass extinctions when we cross these 2 thresholds of the heavens..

The heavens break down to above and below the ecliptic, heaven and hell.. The ones of us who can not ascend will die, and eventually so many animals die off according to their lack of evolutionary,  skills that the world is kept in balance by crossing these 2 thresholds..

If you can't ascend, you die. Eventually only the ones who can make the transition are left = balance with the heavens. and our placement in them... No matter which way we go, above or below, this is ALWAYS when mass die offs occur.. along with mass earth changes..

Not only will we experience mass extinctions, but we will notice many old plants and animals will begin to come back.. The alpha and the omega, these 2 gates are the beginning and the end

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Speaking of "gates", misery loves company & if you wanna join this "celestial rapture", mrng, many on board would welcome it-------;)

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having a Mini ice age.. The plates of earth actually shift as earth turns on this wheel.. This science is both physical and metaphysical...Canada is having a record warm winter this year because as europe is pushed into the artic, canada AND the US is pushed down - and it is actually YOU who has no balance for only seeing this as the end..

This is post glacial rebound.. The weight of the melted ice AND the tilt of the planet is changing all our tides, which is changing the jet stream, and all our weather patterns..

Not Carbon.. Carbon isn't doing this!

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Let me get this straight. The reason why Europe is having a cold winter, and why Canada is having a warm winter is because both continents having shifted their locations, relative to the equator?

Space Cadet, you really need to lay off the horroscopes. This is just barking mad. The continents do move, but Europe's tectonic plate and America's tectonic plate are moving away from each other. We're moving farther west compared to Europe, while Europe is moving furter east compared to us. How fast are these two plates moving? About as fast as your fingernail grows.

If what you're saying were true, then Iceland would have become two islands. Here is a map of the world's plates.


If you visit Iceland, you can actually see where these plates meet, and stand across it.


If your explanation for Europe's cold winter and Canada's warm winter were true, then this would not be possible. Besides, I think someone would have noticed that the longitudinal location of North America had changed, otherwise a flight to Washington DC might mysteriously end up in New York City. :)

Oh, that reminds me...have you ever heard of the Gulf Stream?


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I also CLEARLY said it was the vortex shifting, which is the magnetic field and the sun.. The suns rays can mutate matter and are radio active.. so as the vortex shifts like it is we expect to see the sun flare too.. Solar flares and magnetic disturbance are 100% related , and solar flares effect the plates with earthquakes ALL the time..

Willy, you OBVIOUSLY misunderstood what I was saying, or you just changed the subject again.. The continents DO SHIFT with the earths tilt on its axis.. if they didnt that would actually DEFY ALL LOGIC

Willy NASA and your government have lied to you about everything, you cant even explain why you believe many of thew things you do, climate change included... You just believe it because you believe they wouldn't lie to you.. You can NOT explain to me why you believe it's carbon, because you don't know..


It's the change in the vortex also changing the weather..it's melting the ice, it's this energy changing our world that IS about to change us too... We are on a journey with earth, when she changes we do too

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This is the facts! It's nothing elite about it.. as the poles line up with the sun, the ice is melting this large amount of weight is shifting continents and COLLAPSING AND STALLING the jet stream..


This changed jet stream changes our weather patterns and our currents..along with the vortex shift.. The vortex shift is actually why EVERYTHING else is happening, like the ice melting..

The ice melting is creating a condition known as post glacial rebound, the ENORMOUS amount of weight in this ice is not only shifting currents, it can shift earths axis and center of gravity

Willy SEVERAL airports, had to redo their runways because the shift is so great their runways were off


"The stars incline; they do not compel." - an astrological tenet

"Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity." Carl G. Jung, founder of analytical psychology

"The controls of life are structured as forms and nuclear arrangements, in a relation with the motions of the universe." Louis Pasteur, the pioneer of vaccination and pasteurization

"I do not believe in astrology; but then, people of my sign never do." Dr. Charles Tart, psychologist

"It's common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology." - Donald Regan, chief of staff to former President Ronald Reagan

"There shall be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars." - Jesus Christ, Luke 21:25

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MNG, I'd be real interested in you explaining how Arctic ice melting affects the jet stream, as the jet stream is approximately 8 miles above the planet. The path followed by the jet stream varies routinely, and has a direct affect on weather patterns. Having spent in excess of 35,000 hours flying 8 miles up, I'm quite familiar with the jet stream, and it's affect on weather, and melting ice has nothing to do with it.

As for the poles aligning with the sun. There are actually 4 poles...a magnetic north and south pole, and a true north and south pole. The true poles are what you see on a world globe. The magnetic poles vary due to what are called lines of magnetic variation. The technical name for these lines is, 'isogonic lines'. A line of zero magnetic variation is an 'agonic line'. In my part of the country, New Jersey, the magnetic variation is 12 degrees west. That is, magnetic north pole is 12 degrees west of true north pole. Isogonic lines shift annually, usually about .02 degrees. Over a period of time, runway numbers are changed to reflect this shifting of magnetic variation lines. When you hold a compass in your hand, the needle points to the true north pole at only two places on earth, and those are in the agonic line regions.

Go to Sportys.com, and order yourself a sectional chart. Doesn't matter which chart, and you can see the lines of magnetic variation as they are depicted on whatever chart you have. A New York or Washington sectional chart, for example.

Google, airnav.com, and you can find the annual magnetic shift for any USA airport, along with the current runway numbers. Runway numbers are rounded to the nearest ten's digit. If a runway centerline points to 193 degrees magnetic, that is runway 19. If it points to 198 degrees magnetic, it is runway 20. Geez, I feel like I'm teaching ground school here, lol.

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I appreciate your question and post..

Here is a search for jet stream and currents... the jet stream is created by our currents...

If our currents are changing, so would our jet stream

Basically the jet stream follows the currents of our oceans, so when the currents in our oceans change so do our jet streams

The currents in our oceans create the jet stream above.. so as these HUGE amounts of ice melt, they change, or stall the jet stream, by changing our ocean currents.. and we're having "climate change" from this, NOT carbon...


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Earth's magnetic field and the sun is not a vortex. A vortex is:

"a spinning, often turbulent, flow of fluid."

When you flush a toilet, the water spins. This is a vortex.

Mutation has a definition:

"mutations are changes in a genomic sequence: the DNA sequence of a cell's genome or the DNA or RNA sequence of a virus."

Matter does not mutate. A lead pipe cannot come down with a case of cancer.

Nuclear fission, which is what happens inside the sun, can fuse one type of matter into another type of matter, for instance, when hydrogen is fused into helium, but that doesn't happen outside the sun, or a solar explosion when a star dies.

Solar flares can cause magnetic disturbances, but the earth's magnetic field is the PRODUCT of the churning molten core of the earth. The magnetic field does not cause the motion of the earth's tectonic plates.

Continents shift very slowly over time, but not because of earth's axial tilt. Axial tilt is why we have changes in the seasons.

Climate change is the result of releasing greenhouse gasses into the atomosphere, carbon that would otherwise be sequestered under ground and taken out of the eco-system at large.

If this is happening because of astrological factors (snicker), then it becomes necessary to explain cause and effect. Please do so in intelligible English.

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Earths magnetic currents in the magnetic field creates something called a vortex.. Willy animal die offs, climate change, and continental drift are all happening quickly now...

If you look at the animals dieing in droves their fish and birds.. BOTH these animals depend on their homing devices to survive.. This is another sure sign the change in the vortex is reaching a climax now

There is no denying this anymore.. It is happening..You are free to close your eyes to it...

The fact that you don't even see these earth changes is a testament to your total and complete conditioning you get from the media.. If you think all this is carbon it's actually you believing in conspiracy theories..

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Is there a magnetic current in a magnetic field? Electrical current could produce a magnetic field (i.e. electromagnetism), but there are no magnetic currents in the magnetic field.

The magnetic field does not create an imaginary vortex. There are large scale vortexes on earth, we call them hurricanes or typhoons, or on a smaller scale, a tornado.

A basic principle of logic is that correlation does not necessarily mean causation. Just because there's earthquakes, and just because birds are dying, does not mean that earthquakes are causing birds to die. You actually have to link cause and effect. Otherwise, you can come up with any such nonsense you want, like climate change is caused by the depletion of pirares on the high seas.


Birds are very susceptible to poisons, ergo why coal miners used to use canaries. But even this assumes that birds are dying off en masse, which you have yet to establish.

Secondly, if they were dying because of changes in the magnetic field, then this would be most obvious in that birds would no longer be able to fly south for the winter. I haven't noticed an abundance of frozen dead birds in my neck of the woods, and the last I checked my compass still works normally.

Thirdly, it's not a conspiracy theory that CO2 is a greenhouse gas, and it's not a conspiracy that the ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased significantly in the last 100 years.

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And I know u never clicked on the links because one of my links would have explained the vortex.. I know your lack of religion makes it hard for you to accept that there is ONE truth about the origins of religion and man...

There is a current that surrounds earth of electricity and magnetism.. Sometimes when we see northern lights we see them because the vortex has been charged positively by the sun, and solar flares...

You have free will..

The more we talk the further you continue to stray off topic adding things I NEVER said.. You are so good at doing that, debating u is a chore.. It's work just to keep you on topic..

Astrologists believe we live in an electric universe.. The vortex is a phenomena ONLY present in electric universes..  This is a mainstream idea in the astrology world, and I gave you links from SEVERAL astrologists..

http://www.google.com/search?q=vortex+current&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a  the word vortex and current go together because the word vortex implies their IS a current present..

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I rarely click on your links because they're just google searches. Why should I go on a fishing expedition to research your claims. The burden of proof is on the climant.

One truth of the origin of religion and man? So now these imaginary myths like the "vortex" of the Burmuda Triangle helps to explain abiogenesis?

No, there isn't a current that surrounds the earth. There is a magnetic field. A field is not a current and a current is not a field. The aurora borealis is caused by the solar wind of the sun hitting the magnetic field of the earth. Vortexes have nothing to do with it.

Do I have free will? Do you have free will? How do you know you have free will?

You would have no trouble keeping me on subject if you were using applying the proper words to their proper definitions. If I say global climate change is happening because of excess CO2 in the atmosphere, everyone understands what I'm saying, regardless of whether they agree or disagree. If you say global climate change is happening because the Burmuda Triangle is a vortex formed by solar flares which is causing matter to mutate, then how can one understand what the bloody hell you're saying?

Finally, let me be frank with you. Astrology is a crackpot theory. It's nonsense. There is no "mainstream" astrological theory, no more than there's "mainstream" voodoo theory. If you're going to assert that it astrology is anything more than mumbo jumbo, then you have to prove it. Is that really that much to ask? If you can't prove it, then why not discard the theory?

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religion, and now people ONLY look into sun signs.. When their is so much more out there, this science is so powerful, it has enslaved you..

Of course it doesn't work right when all you care about is the location of the damn sun.. lol

It doesn't look just like we're getting a new world, with this new world order does it? How could the maya and hopi have known this would be a year for new worlds?? They knew from astrology..  

But, on another note we finally agree, you mind is so narrow to any of this to have any kind of debate.. So thanks willy..

It was fun..lol

The people who rule the world use this science to govern and enslave you.. It's very powerful when used right..

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Do you know what that is? Because the theory of gravity works. It's a well documented fact. It can't be corrupted.

If astrology worked, then it should be easy enough to prove it. So, how does it work? How does Jupiter's location in the sky have any effect on petty events in your social life?

The Hopi and the Mayans didn't have astrology. It's a European invention. There's nothing magical about the year 2012.

My mind is not closed off to narrow beliefs. I am open to anything that can be demonstrated to be true. However, it must be proven to be true for it to have any merit. Otherwise, you can come up with any nonsensical mumbo jumbo you want.

So no, I don't think astrology is anything more than nonsense, for the same reason I don't believe that marshmellows can think. It's called Reason.

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Magnetism is the force that keeps us from falling into the abyss.. Magnetism is the force that also gives you good and bad vibes on people..

Willy, your understanding of the universe and earth was given to you by people who want to control you..Your understanding of these things is corrupted to the core..

We call this force of magnetism the apex of life, and it governs the universe and you.. It unites opposing polarities.. Making opposites the life force that rules over everything, including you

If your THEORY of gravity was anywhere near correct then the earth should be falling through the heavens, AND WE ARE NOT.. Instead we're locked tightly in by our magnetic relationships with venus..

who we are in a binary with http://www.lunarplanner.com/HCpages/Venus.html

If gravity, or the lack there of ruled space and the universe.. we'd either be falling, or stationary.. and since we ARE NOT stationary in the heavens, or falling into the abyss.. Gravity it total bullshit..

A real good observation of gravity AND YOUR REALITY would quickly show you gravity is not the ruling force... But you don't even observe your  reality enough to see the THEORY of gravity OBVIOUSLY doesn't describe the reality.. Instead you just believe what your told...

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Define "abyss". While you're at it, please define "Magnetism", "apex of life", "governs", "polarities", "life force", "rules over", "magnetic relationships", "binary", "reality", and "observe" as well.

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there you go putting words in my mouth again.. The way you do it, is like your all knowing and omnipotent, almost like it's ad hominem..

I see I'm casting my pearls unto swine here willy...

Face it willy the planets are not stationary, or falling through the heavens... There is OBVIOUSLY a governing force, and that is magnetism. Gravity would not explain the reality of space, but magnetism does..

Your mind is very narrow, and I assure you, until you open it up.. You don't even have what it takes to survive the 6th mass extinction.. You WILL NOT be able to ascend, even to save your life

But, I'm actually done talking to you now, you are doing nothing but changing subject, and twisting words..
These idea's are MAINSTREAM and they're as old as time.. It's your idea's that wont stand up to the test of time.. This is age old wisdom, unlike all yoru theories..

I clearly see your ego is protecting what you  think you know at every turn.. Therefore I am casting my pearls unto swine on this subject with you..

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It just appears that you don't know how gravity works. Did you look at my link?

Please explain how the Theory of Gravity would dictate that planets would be stationary or "falling through the heavens", whatever that means.

I have a simplier request. Define "magnetism". Please.

   Sorry, MrNogood, but you must have been sleeping because the events that you are describing were supposed to begin happening in the Age of Aquarius which, notwithstanding Mr. Rado and Mr. Ragne, actually began in the mid 1800s. (those famous lines are in fact astrological gibberish given that  Jupiter aligns with Mars twice a year and the Moon is in the 7th House for a while every day).

    I personally find the Tarot Deck to have more poignant symbolism than astrology. Given your themes of late, I can tell that your card is the drowned Phoenician sailor. I identify more with the man with three staves myself.

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This is the year mari.. and look peace is falling upon the earth.. We're leaving the dawn of the age now, and going into it.. and the earth changes we're having are because of this

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