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Re: FYI on pill splitting
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Good info-Thanks! I think that going forward I will take the full charge !!

A recent experiment with cialis - with a free sample from my doctor - delivered a very pleasing, and lasting, erection boost. Then I experienced sticker shock when I visited my pharmacy. I recall an earlier post about online or mail order pharmacies for ED generic drugs, but the suggested pharmacy seemed to have a lot of reviews reporting scams.

I would appreciate recommendations from those with reliable experience with online or mail orders. A PM might be best but any comments are welcome.

I have tried Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis.  Overall, I think Cialis is the best.  I have been reluctant to try generic versions from overseas.  I would rather buy the real thing.  I have had good luck with netdr.com for the non-generic versions of these drugs.  The advantage with netdr.com is that the cost of the 10mg pill (recommended dosage) and the 20mg are the same.  If you buy the 20mg pill and cut it in half, you can get the cost per pill, with shipping, down to about $12.  I know it's expensive, but if you want the real thing, I have not found a better deal.  I would love to know of a cheaper source for the non-generic.

Something I learned just recently is that if a pill is not scored in the middle (to make it easier to break in half), it may not be designed to be split.  That is, it could have an extended-release coating that you're messing up by splitting it, or the medicine may not be evenly distributed within the tablet so cutting it in half does not mean each half has 50% of the medicine in it.  

For something non-critical like ED drugs, these are not really problems - but it's worth keeping in mind that it's best avoided for important medications.

Good info-Thanks! I think that going forward I will take the full charge !!

I am thinking of ordering Viagra from RX Processing in Mississauga ON. Have you any info on them?
RX here $375 there $65 I think it is worth a try.

This one looks legit. It requires a prescription or evidence of being filled at least once, and that is not a problem for me. Anyone with experience with this company?

I sent the paperwork in today for 20 100mg Viagra. I will let every one know how it turns out. $65 for 20 little blue pills is a lot cheaper than I can get them here.

My doctor is laughing his ass off and the staff must know as the nurse wanted to know if my life is looking better.

It has a calculator which will let you compare prices at different sites by brand or generic depending on how many pills you want. The cheapest at one amount of pills is not always the best at the next step up. I can't vouch for any of the resulting sites except the one I used once but it gives you a good starting point. Then like the ladies you need to do your own research. Also I do the same I research for twice the dosage my doctor prescribed and cut in half. My own doctor told me to do that with the first free sample she gave me.

FYI I have bought the generic version from overseas and can't tell the difference.

Just got my 3rd order from the same company. As usual I was wondering if they were going to come through after charging my credit card but they passed the test with flying colors with the biggest order yet. 90 pills, 20mg, $215 with express delivery (wanted it in time for a rendezvous tomorrow so they came through fine).

Actually, this order doesn't even say generic on the package. It says taladafil.

Google BestGenericPharmacy.

Viagra.They come from India. It takes several weeks. I have found that some are stronger then others. Sometimes I have to take 1.5 pills, other just one.

I agree. I bought a large quantity of Viagra from India, and don't even waste my time with half a pill. The quality is VERY inconsistent. Sometimes one pill hardly has any affect at all. Makes me kind of wonder what they mix in the formula.

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Viagra.They come from India. It takes several weeks. I have found that some are stronger then others. Sometimes I have to take 1.5 pills, other just one.

xlpharmacy.com is FABULOUS

Only drawback is 12 to 30 days before receipt but great generics that work as well as Brand.

I second the endorsement of xlpharmacy. You merely need to answer some health questions no Rx required.

can anyone recommend any good sites without a prescription

I could, but I would recommend you go to your doctor first regardless. There are too many potentially serious causes of ED and ignoring them can be dangerous. Plus your doctor can probably give you free samples as well as a prescription. Looking for a better price then you can get locally is one thing, but my Doctor at least knows I take ED medication and it can interact with other medications.

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can anyone recommend any good sites without a prescription

well, I'm young and the only reason I need it is because I want to use it for a session that is more than two hours... way more. I just need to find out how I can get this and then find the a provider willing to participate lol

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well if your young be aware that it may have the opposite result from what you want. I have found that while I can get hard again much faster on the pill, it is almost impossible to cum again without waiting which can lead to disappointment. If I want to cum twice it is still necessary to wait as long as I would have without the pill. Plus on young guys who don't need it many ladies have said it makes the guys unnaturally hard and that may curtail her desires to do a lot more. If your determined just check the links already provided and read if they require an rx or just a questionnaire.

A few years ago I had used amerimedrx.com to get 10 20mg brand Levitra pills for $170 without a prescription.  Well, actually, I think it was prescribed by their in-house doctor.  The pills came from Utah.  I split them into 1/4ths and they've lasted me till now.  I was going to order more, but now their price has shot to $279 for the same thing, and it appears they now require a real prescription.

So, I found the site pharmacyreviewer.com to try to find which different online sites were best, and settled on edandmore.com.  10 50mg generic Viagra were only $30 shipped so I figured that was worth a gamble.  I ordered on a Friday night and they arrived from China to me on the East Coast the Wednesday after the next (12 days).  So far no sign of spam emails or unauthorized credit card transactions, knock wood.

I've only taken half of one so far, which should be the equivalent to 1/4th of one of the Levitra's I had.  The effect was not quite as strong, but otherwise felt the same, so I plan to take a whole one next.  Next time I'll order the 100mg generic Viagra and try half...half of a $4 pill will definitely beat 1/4th of a $28 one.

Here is a site that will search reputable sites and compare the costs per pill.
Because I am a cheap fucker I order generic Viagra through www.phamstore.com.
I get the 100 mg and split them. You can get either brand name or generic.
Been getting them for 4 years now. I actually used to get them through a different site but they raised their prices.

Just checked and pharmstore is still the cheapest for the generic Viagra.
YMMV with Cialis.


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I have friend whom is a pharamacist whom lives and works in his profession in south american.  He currently runs a business and sells all ED products and ships them all over the US. legally.  As we all know americans get raped on perscription drugs.  The exact same stuff is sold to the rest of the world for 10% of we americans pay.  Example, 100 , 20mg of cialis, (generic) would cost 200. There are also many other ed products that are sold legally all over the world that because of our currupt political system are not available here.  If any are interested I would be glad to post his email and phone number.   He sends them to you 1st, and if satisfied then send payment.  Cant go wrong

Just found out that the FDA has approved Cialis for the treatment of BPH,  Get a two for one, ++

What is the expected length of time Viagra will work. Should I take it 15 minutes before action? How long can I store the pills and still expect them to work?

Standard Viagra is said to take 1 hr to take effect. Viagra soft which I have taken can work in 15 mins. Shelf life for these pills is 2 years after manufacture with expiration dates on the blister pack. Of course how fast it works is also affected by what you might have been eating or drinking, I get best results with at least two hours after I last ate and no drinking. I usually try to take any of these pills at least a half an hour before a scheduled appointment sometimes a full hour before, the drug usually stays in the body for several hours at full effect and all day with enough residual effect that I have been able to do a morning provider and and an early evening lady with no problems.

Thanks for the reply.

I had Levitra I ordered 11/2007 and just used the last of it last month.  I did notice that the recent effect wasn't as strong as when they were new, but I'd estimate it about 2/3rds strength...not bad for four years.  So, definitely don't just toss them in the garbage if they hit the two year mark.

If you take on an empty stomach Viagra starts to work within 30 minutes, peaks between 1-2 hours, wears off to half dose by about 4 hours (but may still be effective).
If you eat a fatty meal before you take it, the absorption can be significantly delayed. Big Mac and fries, take Vitamin V a good 2 hours before. Or better yet, dont eat a big fatty meal before sex.

By the way, did you get your Viagra from the Canadian pharmacy you mentioned?
I'm thinking of doing the same.

Interesting.. I saw something.. that said that 75% of Viagra adverstised on line without a prescription may be counterfeit or contains a much lower dose than advertised.. So I went to a facility that has real doctors in Utah where they can sell brand name over the internet.. Kwikmed is the name outrageously expensive.. though.. but at least I know it's the real thing.. They do a medical screening prior to sending it  out..

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