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Re: FKK private tour in Germany summer 2010 FKK NIGHT & DAY - BURSTADT
thescagnetti17598 reads

FKK are for real in Germany.  I was living in Mannheim for 2 months.  FKK "night and day" in Burstadt is a good value and a good time.  NIGHT AND DAY is a small club.  You can see the girls on their website from "eros girls" and other FKK overview advertisement sites.  NIGHT AND DAY usually has around 10 girls at any given time.  On weekends and holidays there can be closer to 20 girls.  If you want to make sure that you can relax and actually get the girl you want (I had to wait for 2 hours on a Saturday for the girl I wanted and then she turned me down 45 minutes before club closing because she had "worked" 18 hours that day).  There is a 25 euro entrance fee.  NIGHT and DAY includes 3 beers and all you can drink soft drinks, tea, etc.  Trust me, this is a good value if you are in the area.  The club is in the industrial section of town (as are many FKK clubs all over Germany) and takes about 10 minutes or less to walk there.  The place is discreet.  The female support staff is helpful.  I'll answer any questions and write a longer reivew once I get familiar with this website.  Danke.

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