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Absolutely, 100% correct G2...(eom)
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Hi gents - I was wondering... what do you know now and women, life and sex that you did not know at 40?

I don't know a hell of a lot.  Every time I think I have things figured out I learn how dumb I am.  But it is fun trying to figure women out.

and I'm sure there's still a lot to learn.

Still and all, here are two items to chew on:

1.  Never go to bed with anyone crazier than you are.  (That still leaves a lot of gals available in my case.)

2.  Hide your assets from your wife early and often.

And I'm ALWAYS curious.

When you quit learning it's time to pull the dirt up over your face.

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Here's a few random thoughts in no particular order-

1. A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed.

2. Don't try to understand someone that doesn't understand themselves.  There's no point to it, and it will just make you crazy.

3. The silent treatment is god's gift to men.  Enjoy it while it lasts, because all good things come to an end.

4. Divorce is the fucking you get for the fucking you got.  It may be crudely stated, but it's a truism.

5. Mother nature can be cruel to her daughters, but Father Time is a real son of a bitch.

6. All those those annoying habits you ignored during dinner will suddenly become very obvious after you're had sex with her.  And women can substitute "after you've gotten married" for "after you've had sex."

7. Some women can never be happy, and most can never be satisfied with their appearance.  As a result, they'll never believe how beautiful we men really think they are- but that doesn't mean you should quit telling them!

8. No matter what part of a woman's body she hates or wishes she could change, there's a guy out there that's totally turned on by it.  The sooner a woman realizes that we men are genetically programmed to want them in all their shapes and sizes, the happier she'll be with herself.

9. Guys, don't complain about her periods.  They're harder on her than they are on you.  Your job is to be the stable one and help her while she's riding the hormonal roller coaster.  And besides, one day they'll stop and you'll look back fondly at those years as "the good old days."

10. Whoever said "Women give sex to get love, and men give love to get sex" knew what they were talking about.

11. Beauty fades, but stupid is forever, so think carefully about who you get involved with on a long term basis.  See item #4.

12. Looks may get your attention, but personality and brains keep you coming back for more.

13. The only way to be happy in a relationship is to first be happy with who you are.  Your partner shouldn't have to be your shrink, so deal with your own shit first.

14. There is at least one advantage to getting older- things become much clearer when the sexual fires don't burn quite so brightly.  Nothing blinds a man more than female beauty/attraction and the desire for sex.  It's the source of many of life's bad decisions and most of the pain.

15. Life is a continuum.  Change is the only constant, and each stage of life is different than the one before it.  The people that enjoy life are the ones that accept and experience each stage of life for what it is, rather than wish for what has passed.

That's it for now, but ask me again in a year.  I'm still learning.

there are some good answers in this thread... G2 is spot on..

as far as women go, the more I learn, the less I know.. they are the ultimate enigma..
as far as sex goes, I wish I knew then what I know now..
and as far as life goes... I was immortal until my parents died.. now I have accepted mortality and my kids are immortal...

we should come equipped with species memory instead of every generation having to figure it out on their own... a design flaw...

Happy wife=happy life. Understanding is impossible, so go for contentment.

I can't live without them. Kinda my reason for hobbying

I thought I did everythink I could do to make my wife happy:

Unlimited shopping account

Weekly high class dinner out

Lots of luxury vacations.

Taking the kids every weekend.

Doing the cooking and most of the cleaning, etc.

Stopped bugging her for sex.

None of it did the trick.

The only thing that made her happy was a big divorce settlement.

I don't know if she is happy now or not but I can tell you one thing:  I am.

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I've learned the biggest mistake most people make (including me in the past) is thinking it's their job to make the other person happy.  It's not.

It usually ends up exactly as you described with your wife.

Life is complicated and sex is the most complicated part of life...so far.

I have learned that ALL women are beautiful and an endless source of pleasure.
Just don't marry one..

Or the guy. Works both ways folks.

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