Boston Stacy
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Does anyone know if Boston Stacy is still around. Her website is still up but email doesn't seem
to be working.

I think she may have retired - she used to be on RSG a few years ago, was an amazing spinner type-

goold luck with your search- if you find her let me know!

Stacey is doing well. I speak to her quite often but she has retired and won't be back. She is pursuing another career. She probably has no idea her website is still active since it is one of those free ones. I will let her know.


funny, while I was creating my response, I thought to ask outloud if Jill might know.  Then I thought Jill has enough on her plate.  Thanks Jill.  If Stacy reads this, thanks Stacy, many of us still think of you.

yeah, quick check shows my last review of her in 2010 after she left RS.  I did call and speak with her after that, but, was never able to match schedules.  Unfortunately, we all have outside lives and sometimes that gets in the way.  I don't think I have spoken with her in well over a year.  I hope she is well.

I have an occasional email convo with her. She is doing well and has a positive outlook, and yes, as far as I know, retired.

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