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Come play with me and experience pleasure that's electric...
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One of the things that I find most enjoyable about issuing pleasure to my lovers is that moment when everything collides, the friction builds, and they explode with me. I’m not just there for you darling, I’m there for me as well. It IS a mutual pleasurable experience. It’s in my nature to please, to lavish my attention on whoever I am with. Imagine this if you will.....

Is this Your Fantasy? Could it be?

The door opened quietly, and it was a vision that he saw standing behind it as he slipped in. His eyes widened as he took in the sight in front of him. Her hair, dark, wild. Her eyes took him in as he surveyed her, and he continued his perusal of the gorgeous woman standing in front of him. Her lips were painted a soft muted pink, glistening in the candle light. He wanted to crush her painted body to him right then, but held back for a mere moment. Looking at her taut breasts, the nipples straining through the fabric of her bra he swallowed. His heart began to thump a rhythm in his chest that he hadn’t felt in so long he had almost forgotten what it felt like to have his heart pound so hard in such tremendous expectation and excitement.

She stepped closer, her mouth a breath away from him. He leaned down, her arms wrapped around him, and the dam holding back his actions burst. A groan escaped his lips, and he drank from her warm sweet lips. Her hands fisted in his shirt at the front as she pulled him closer to her. He backed her against the wall and put both hands on the side of her body, his fingers feeling as though they were made of molten fire as they touched her. He broke away; came up for air, and she smiled. A shy laugh escaped her lips.

She looked at him, expecting, wanting, eager to please him from the pink of his lips to the tip of his toes. She waited a moment before stepping around him, inviting him into her room with a word and a sultry look. Her eye lashes dipped lower, covering the smoldering passion beginning to show in her eyes. She walked to her bed, reclined back, and motioned him closer. He was still fully clothed, but she wanted to feel the weight of his body on her, and touch, kiss, feel.

He stepped over to her, shed his jacket and tie, and lowered himself to the bed next to her. He remarked on her incredible ink, talking low as he traced the pattern over her skin. Goose bumps rose where he touched, and he followed that up with his mouth. She urged him to shed his clothes, fingers helping with the buttons, eager to be flesh to flesh.

Then it was heaven. It was an evening spent feeling pleasure beyond imagination. All of the ways she touched him, caressed him, pleasured him in the way that only she could. It was paradise.

So gentlemen, is this you? Do you want to feel the electricity, and experience first hand the kind of pleasure that I am oh so happy to give to you? It’s an art form as far as I am concerned. Let me show you, let me give you that fantasy of just you, just me, in our own personal playground...

*Available by Appointment Only*

Krista Starr


I cannot wait for us to meet.

I am really looking forward to us enjoying my "Goodie Bag."
We are going to have a fantastic time together, especially with the things I have in store for us.


My brain just melted.

Oh babe I forgot to tell you.. That's my new super prower - Brian melting.

Your best possible dinner date and after an icy cold shower I'll see what we can do. Oh my.....

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