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Nikki Hott
wi210 43 Reviews 3636 reads

Whatever happened to Nikki Hott from Phoenix, AZ? She use to provide but have not seen an ad for her in awhile. Any help is much appreciated.

Her website is still around but I can't tell if she is... she says on there that she retired from porn - it's possible she retired from providing too.  Or maybe she's got enough regular clients that she doesn't need to advertise.

You can contact her through the website.

That website is very old. her number on that website is old and not working. She has advertised on BP but just not in the the last several months. She has always been on my to do list and was hoping to set something up.

Bosco9911715 reads

I saw her a couple of times in Vegas but that was like 8 years ago. She was a lot of fun

She is good friends with "Sherry" a provider that left the scene a couple of years ago> And is now back in Phoeinx...a new review of her was just posted a couple of days ago. Contact Sherry...she would know what is up with Nikki...Just saying...

I was with Sherry when Nikki started calling her because I guess they lived in the same complex...Sherry seemed annoyed, so I wonder if they ever got together..and just a couple of months ago, I was checking out at a thrift store at the same time Nikki was checking out in the next aisle....couldn't say anything to her because I was with somebody. So, I guess she's still in Phoenix but doesn't post any more. And, yeah, she was fun!

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