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I'd like to know 2. Nice tongue. TIA - EOMred_smile
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Is she available? Or anyone with a tongue and oral skills comparable to hers? She reminds of Kitten but might be even more skilled then she was!

I know she tours. You just have to check.

She appears to be available in the UK.  Note: I do not know if this ad is real, or someone using her pics and name. I also don't know if she was there on tour or if she lives there.  Someone in the UK will have to TOFTT.  I'm suspicious though because of the low rates...

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I was looking at your link, and saw a gorgeous brunette ("Angelica") and decided to Google Image search her pic.,1943

The (poorly spelled) ad says she is from Peru--but it also says she just arrived from Russia (sounds like some frequent flyer miles!) Even IF any of that were true, the photos are actually of a well known Australian model named Siobhan who is of Irish and Indian nationality. So, it's a good chance at least some of those other listings are just as fake.

She is. She used to post more frequently before her film career really started to blow up

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