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Re: Tasha
fdoogie1 6 Reviews 1285 reads

Thanks for doing the recon!

Does Tasha provide. I did a search and I saw her listed as a provider but was unable to find more data. She is visiting Philly soon and sure would like to see her

I think at one time I saw her listed on TLC's site but she's not there any longer.  That leads me to believe that she's not available any more or has gone very UTR...

She's very impressive. Would appreciate any info received - I'd expect her to be pricey - and worth it, assuming she does provide...

Thanks for doing the recon!

Saw her at the club in Philly this weekend, she is really hot and a great performer. I got a few lapdances from her, and meekly asked if she provides. The answer was "no" but she was cool about it. It seems like her star is really rising right now, so she doesn't really need to provide.

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