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And why would she be spending 9 months in Kuwait?
HarlandSanders 2 Reviews 2287 reads

Don't buy this for two seconds.

According to this site, it looks like she's in Kuwait, doing outcall to middle east & Asia, and even offers BBFS.

Has anyone sampled her before?

Sasha Grey has always said "no way".  Now, that doesn't mean that she wouldn't change her mind but, if she did decide to start providing, I can't believe she'd go for only $1K per hour.  I'd expect her to ask far more than that.  I also don't believe she'd advertise openly...

Besides, she openly/officially retired from the business. She now takes photos and wants to be an artist... Read in an article like couple months ago.

Considering "Natalie" is actually Playboy Playmate Tiffany Taylor who currently lives in LV and LA I suspect the site isn't legit.

This thing has bait and switch written all over it. For someone that famous openly says I offer BBFS for 1K/hour. That's crap!!!

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