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I have had several people invite me to visit , however it seems very difficult to nail down the best day
of the week so if I arrive on a Friday , i felt I was leaving open weekends for those who can only get away on weekends giving you Friday and a Monday to be free to do so. Is there a best day of the week like is there such a thing as hump day ? LOL!

I have also had many different locations and soon after someone comes along that says no you don't want to stay there and gives me a reason why. Someone else says that area is perfect. It's hard to please
everyone in the suburbs so what I have decided to to is take a vote. I have not booked my hotel yet but I am open for more suggestions so that I may get an idea where more of you wind up not ignoring the areas where less of you do , adding that area to my list of places to reside during my visit.

Please PM me it is much easier to divide geographical areas so that I will be able to make meeting hassle free for everyone.

Thank you and I look forward to making this trip .


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