My fav seafood is at The Chart House, on Long Wharf. eom
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Im kicking off my summer tour tomorrow and my first stop is Boston. Im super excited to begin my traveling. I will like to discover the town a bit while visiting. So where is the best lounges, bars etc? I heard boston has great seafood too. Is there a place I must visit before leaving?

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Then you must check out Legal Seafoods on the waterfront.

For young crowd clubs, check out the clubs near Fenway park. You can ask at any hotel desk about clubs, most of the staff that serve you will be young. You can join group tours of historic Boston, hotel desks have tour information. As far as seafood is concerned, Boston has plenty of that. The best depends upon what you like. Find an independent food rating guide that covers Boston and go with establishments that rate high and strike your tastes. Have fun while in Boston.

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Hi Elli:
I'm a native of Boston, and I recommend for seafood the No-Name Restaurant near the Wharf.  It's not a very "pretty" place inside, but their seafood and especially the clam chowder is wonderful.

As for things to do, if you like museums there's the Museum of Fine Arts, which is beautiful and also has great restaurants inside.

Enjoy your visit,

There isn't a Red Lobster w/in 30 miles of Boston.... Because even the OK to fair establishments are far better than whatever they have to offer. Can go wrong with any of the aforementioned....Union Oyster House is a local/ tourist favorite.... some like the Barking Crab for being literally ON the water....If you're in the will be tough to get a BAD seafood meal

Thanks for all the info. The museum of fine art sounds like fun ;-)

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