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I've met with two providers within the last few months that have had a website attached to their TER profiles personal site that they did not create. Someone has done this for them and some of the info is wrong. They can't even correct it, because they don't have a p/w or even know how to contact the site. The sight is called with the providers name preceding this. Does anyone know how this was done, or how can they correct it?

has a link to web site also, i never haD ANY SAY IN CREATING HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT CAME FROM AND THEY REFUSE TO TAKE IT DOWN, I CONTACTED THEM ALREADY SEVERAL TIMES, XO!   i also have this same problem, i havwe contacted them, Iam flattered non the less, but I dont have any access to that web site or

my site i control i created is there is another site up with extremely old photos its sexy n classy .com? any hoo i hear ya i am stuck with links to it on my profile, already contacted admin, more than 4 times, dont know what to do from here as i never gave any one permission to create the sexy n classy site of me, not to say i dont th nk hey that was nice , n all but yes bit annoying i cant get it taken off, clients do say to me hey gee thaT PIC U DONT LOOK LIKE YA ANY MORE ECT, JUST GOTTA HOPOE THBEY VISIT THE SITE THATS CURRENT THAT I ACTUALLY HAVE CONTROL OVER AND CREATED, !

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I see the sexy n classy site is very similar to the naughtynsexy site. They both have all the same links and pop-ups. I'm sure that whoever is creating these free sites for you is also getting some kind of commissions. I hope taht admin can reaaly do something. For instance, with the rates being wrong, if the providers have a rate of lets say $250 and the website you can't change is $400, then some hobbiest may just skip contacting you because of the bogus rate.

but instead now a link to 60 lb 22 year old on bp............................r u shittn mw right now

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