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Guys what is the song that reminds you of your SO or ATF or for the ladies your favorite client?  them
Let's hear them !

reminds me of............ none of your business!

with one called "if a lie was love." track number 5. then the remix of " some body that i used to know..."mtrack 6, then he redid paradise, tiesto remix of that song. the whole album is great,   song number 9 has great lyrics..............."name of song is -"the naked and famous." my fav lyrics its a woman on vocals over the track- she sings................." Trying to find in betweens.......Fall back in love eventually....."   I like that part , ..     actually my trailer i am havn linked to new web asite is set to some parts I like on this album/....  in particular--------------exactly 3 minutes into track18 , that exact break down is what the trailer i am having tom couture create now. i chose that sample to be set to my trailer. really excited to see the web site joe s makn too. he is doin it now. I wanted tommy guns and old fashioned prohibition era cars in back ground, wirth alot of neon rAVESK COLORS AND DESIGNS, KINDA WEIRD HAVE NO IDEA HOW HE LL DO WHts in mt head!   but check track18 , 3 min in and 5 min in , break down is real nasty-

by type o negative! thats for the goth moods.

david guetta,,,,,,,,,,,      and starships by niki minaj!    oh and for the days u lert cancelations or missed connections and communications get better of ya n get ya down- heres a depressin one--------"hpw will I laugh tomooroo..." by suicidal tendencies.

love it angel.saw suicidal tendencies way back at the channel when that was still around.had to chime in on that

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