Better than tasting like TUNA!!! (eom)confused_smile
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Why do most reviews says "I tried Daty and it tastes great". Doesnt it smell and taste like condom?

I couldn't say, I've never had a condom in my mouth.  Thankfully.

uses these condoms, shouldn't be a problem

Posted By: Bob Crane
I couldn't say, I've never had a condom in my mouth.  Thankfully.

Hahahaha , that is funny .

I've become a huge fan of them and it's so much more "realistic". They also feel much better and have superior heat transference. As far as tastes and smells go, that so called "tuna" odor is usually associated with a common infection Bacterial Vaginosis. It is easily treatable and if it smells like high tide, say sayonara! Don't stick it if you can't lick it my friend. That's a clear warning sign. Danger, turn back!

It's about having fun, and of course sometimes we all have to take a pass on certain things for safety sake.


a very well reviewed local provider. I set up an hour appointment at 11am and when I arrived she had me waiting in the parking lot for twenty minutes. Said she was showering so I figured I was the first for the day and couldn't wait for a lick (or two). She went down on me and when I asked for 69 she hesitated but did hop up and WOE!! all I could smell was condom and I had not had one on yet. Needless to say I went limp stood up and said hey! We talked a bit and she did admit she had an unexpected regular ask for a quickie and she obliged. She finished me with bbj and gave me half $ back, said sorry and that wouldn't happen again. Please come back!
Just for the record I love the sweet Scent of fresh pussy. If it smells like fish it's a dish...If it smells like cologne leave it alone.

.... and I take it the reviews you're reading the guys talking about DATY in the middle of or after intercourse?

yes I have a regular who loves to ... stick it and lick it ... stick it and lick it !!! ummm I can't wait any longer to date him again :) lol

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