You could pull over and get your text messages.
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Man do we have to explain everything to you.
Now remember Foody it's breathe in breathe out.


Gentlemen, I think we may have a solution to both commuter traffic and high gas prices here.
What do you think?


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when that might get you to a session on time and eliminate the cost of parking.

We all have to do what we can to help each other out and always be one step ahead here so this looked like a fun and logical solution!

You will never have to worry about some idiot on their cell phone or text messaging  while they are driving.

Then how do you get the room number?

Man do we have to explain everything to you.
Now remember Foody it's breathe in breathe out.


Foody can't text and drive as we all know he knows this is bad news!

When pulling over to get the last gals room number he ran into LC and havoc ensued when another of Beantown's finest Mr. Fisher showed up!

Wait a minute here, Batman shone his bat signal into the sky right? I can be pretty wacky sometimes and often have entirely useless information in my noggin, but my superhero knowledge is usually pretty up there with MASH rerun and Monty Python.

So while mine might be more like Ed Grimly's Super Nerd, I'm thinking the Bat Signal!

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Or is he?

Who is the Shadow?
The Shadow is a super hero. Who like many super heroes fights crime in New York City. Behind the mask of The Shadow is a young wealthy man known as Lamont Cranston, also known as Kent Allard.

The Shadow was originally the alter ego of Lamont Cranston, wealthy playboy whom at some stage in his life journeyed to the Orient where he learnt the power to cloud men's minds in that he had powerful mass hypnotic powers. On the radio this took the form of being able to appear invisible (which was handy for a radio show). This power was not used to any great extent in the pulp novels, where he relied more on his guns and his mastery of disguise...  Later on in the pulp novels it was revealed that in fact he was NOT Lamont Cranston, but in fact aviator Kent Allard whose plane crashed in the Orient, and that he took the disguise of Lamont Cranston... Even later on it was suggested that in fact the body of Kent Allard was found in the wreck of his plane in the Orient and that The Shadow was neither Lamont Cranston or Kent Allard!

Yes I could be Kent Allard
or Henry Arnaud
or Isaac Twambley
maybe even Fritz.

Oh and don't Forget Alex Baldwin

But the question is, Who really is Lamont Cranston ?????????????????????

As I recall the gal was a NCNS and we ended up the three of us taking a ride on a swan boat.

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