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I am aware that there is another provider in the Northeast who has a name similar to mine.  This is my first visit to Boston and I have had this name since becoming a private companion in October of 2010.  I have never met or spoken with the recently renamed "Julia Secret" in New Hampshire.

I am 37 years old, 5'5 out of heels (and 5'9 in my favorite ones), and a tiny size 0 with beautiful 34DD's that look best in a smaller sized 34D bra and panty set.  ;)

Thank you!!  :)


I can imagine a few situations where they'd look better then the one you mention *laughs*

Hope you have fun while in the city!

To figure out we have duplicate Julias'. Now your both on my wish list. I thought it was a bit odd when you asked where to stay.

Julia in NH has been around quite a bit longer.

And quite wonderful!!!

Just saying

Which was her old name before that . Just saying...

"and quite wonderful" but apparently not enough so for a review (just saying) :-) She changed her name around and also moved to a different State with a different twist on the name and then moved back to NH (but not with her original name) (just saying) :-)

Another Julia has been around for several years and is quite active on the boards.

Too early for me to book...but I got you on my radar.

I had begun with the name Juliassecret and then did change it and my website when I made a short but sweet move to SC to Carolinasecret. When I returned to NH I thought the name didnt reflect well, so I changed my website and name back. Especially on TER ,it is very difficult to make a name/website transition. When I did, my webmistress mentioned there was another Julia with a similiar username but we decided with her being in the south and me in north, it shouldnt matter much. I have always been known as Julia. As I think was mentioned by a post above,we are different in many ways so as not to really confuse anyone,especially if just traveling. Enjoy your visit to New England Julia as you will find the gents quite informed here and receptive to a visiting provider of your statue.

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